Sunday, November 20

The Ninebark (and Carex) in Fall

I love my purple ninebark in all seasons, but it's especially endearing in the fall. It's like the LBD (little black dress) of shrubs--it seriously goes with everything!  I adore how it picks up the cherry hues of the self-sown 'Lady in Red' salvia, plays off of the carmel tones in the carex buchannii, grabs some gold (when backlit) to match the edge of the 'So Sweet' hostas at its feet, and still remains cool enough to play nice with the blue caryopteris.

Speaking of carex buchannii, I know that brown-leaf plants are one of those love-'em-or-hate-'em things, and many people find them hard to work with in the garden. But I can't imagine my front yard without them!

Saturday, November 12

Oakleaf Hydrangea Corner in Fall

So I never got around to adding words to a few of these posts in the fall.  Instead of trying to do so--which would probably just cause further delays--I'm posting them mostly as is.

Please ignore any stray weed you may happen see (one of my favorite parts of this garden is the low-maintenance aspect--I barely ever bother to weed it) and concentrate on the oakleaf hydrangea in color, the pretty blue caryopteris, the chunky blue sea kale leaves, the grasses, and the golden variegated yucca:

Autumn Light & Color - Part 1

The past few weeks have gotten away from me even more quickly than usual. Between launching a new website at work and trying to plan at least the basics of our wedding, the days have completely flown by. (And yes, we finally have a date! August 4th!)

I haven't spent much time outside this fall, which is a shame. I love the slanting rays of light that pick up all of the beautiful reds, like the brightening maple leaves and the flower stalks of the nearby miscanthus:

Light colors at their feet, like the 'Frosty Curls' and 'Beetlemania' carexes, and 'Purple Dragon' lamium, really highlight the reds:

As I bent to find another view of the low-angled light playing in the maple leaves, I discovered a bonus:

'Party Dress' Japanese anemones are still blooming! I just love this messy yet delicate mix of anemone, miscanthus, and a veil of red Japanese maple leaves, all anchored by the yellowing foliage of 'Northern Halo' hosta:

A few more posts of fall color are yet to come... before it all disappears under a blanket of snow! Any of my other northern neighbors have things that are still blooming in your garden?