Monday, October 15

Fading Fall Flowers: GBBD October 2012

Amidst the fading fall flowers this Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, the freshness of this blue globe thistle seems a little out of place. That this seedling even bloomed at all this year is a tribute to the long growing season.

All of my other flower pictures show either slightly bedraggled blooms, like this dahlia...

...or vivid flowers against the fading foliage of fall:

From top to bottom, this post featured:  'Fresh Look Red' celosia, echinops ritro, 'Lady in Red' salvia seedling, blue angelonia and an unnamed lantana, verbena bonariensis, variegated sedum, chocolate eupatorium, caryopteris, and 'Hameln' pennisetum.

Also in bloom in my yard today:  Alpine strawberries, various coleus, wax begonias, 'Victoria Blue' salvia, 'Black and Blue' salvia, pineapple sage, hardy plumbago, various peppers, 'The Blues' little bluestem, 'Hopi Red Dye' amaranth, various pink Japanese anemones, various miscanthus, and 'Purple Dragon' lamium.

To see what's blooming around the world in various gardens today, visit Carol's October Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post!

Sunday, October 7

The Invasion Has Begun

I think that my houseplants are WAY too happy after a long summer outside. This nepenthes was almost touching the porch rail by the end of this week... and is currently grazing the living room floor in its temporary home on a plant stand:

I say temporary home because all of my houseplants are scattered around in random places, hastily brought in when the forecast for tonight dropped into the upper 30's. 

I have no idea where all of these things are going to be able to overwinter...but I just cleared a path through the jungle kitchen and I think that means it's time to call it a night. Finding better winter homes for everything will just have to wait until tomorrow!