Monday, July 16

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - July 2012

I think I'm in denial about this month's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Because if it's REALLY July 15th, then it's really less than 3 weeks until my wedding day... and I feel like there's so much to be done between now and then!

But I like to keep the GBBD records each month for my own knowledge, so here's a quickie post to show what's in bloom in my yard:

A new celosia. It's too hard to resist a full, lush, 6 inch annual like this, especially when it's on clearance for $2!

One of the dahlias I hope to use in the girls' bouquets... if it's still in bloom in a few weeks!
(Note: that's my wrist on the left. Just to give you an idea of how huge this beauty is.)

Not a great photo, but I'm really excited about the first blooms on my passalong plumeria!

Red snapdragons... which are one of the flowers I used on my wedding invitation design.

This lantana has been growing strangely. Instead of branching up and out, it's spreading and staying low--almost as low as the silver dichondra! At least it's blooming...

I believe that when I was bragging about my accidentally overwintered bay laurel this spring, I mentioned being surprised that 'Black and Blue' salvia had disappeared. Well... sort of. Really, it was just hiding under the ever-encroaching oakleaf hydrangea. I cut the hydrangea back a little bit, and B&B has responded accordingly!

THREE emerging bloom stalks this year on my pineapple lily!!!
I also have three bridesmaids bouquets to make.  Coincidence?  Hmm...

Other things that are in bloom - July 2012

Annuals: 'Bonfire' begonia, 'Vista Burgundy' salvia, unnamed coral/orange portulaca, 2 different red New Guinea impatiens, red begonias, 'Hopi Red Dye' amaranth, ruby orach, red pennisetum, orange snapdragons, verbena bonariensis, stephanotis, 'Black and Blue' salvia gauranitica

(Holy RED, Batman! I didn't realize I had planted so much hot-colored stuff this year!)

Perennials & Shrubs:  Blue globe thistle, 'Caradonna' salvia, the deep wine yarrow whose name I can never remember, the red sedums, blue shrub clematis, Russian sage, 'Purple Dragon' lamium, catmint, 'Albury Purple' St John's wort, bronze fennel, 'Grosso' lavender

Herbs and Veggies:  All of the tomatoes, 'African Blue' basil, Thai basil, lemon verbena, all of the peppers.  Noticeably absent:  No flowers yet at all on my tomatillo!

As always... For more of what's in bloom around the world, check out Carol's July Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post over at May Dreams Gardens.  :-)