Wednesday, May 31

New Growth

Change is not a surprise to the gardener, nor is it something to fear. The first spr
ing bloom of a pilfered--er, "rescued"--geranium is equally welcome whether it designates its parent plant as a Johnson's Blue or the more-coveted Rozanne. Summer's vegetable bounty fades just as the oakleaf hydrangea leaves begin to redden and blaze against the crisp autumn skies. The first snowfall is a wonder even if it comes before the garden is tidied for the winter.

I started gardening in earnest about 6 years ago, just after getting married and moving into my first real house. Part of my motivation for gardening was culinary... and part of it, I admit, was the artistic ego that all who garden for aesthetic reasons have to some degree. Since then, the garden has served as a welcome source of mental and physical exhaustion, a buffet of tastes and scents, a refuge in times of discontent, and so much more.

I said goodbye to my first garden, and to the college sweetheart I married, almost two years ago now. I have a new garden--and a new love--in my life. Both are proving to be more vibrant, variable, challenging and extremely fulfilling than I ever expected.


Anonymous said...

Yes, gardening is fun and full of surprised.
I love the little purple geranium here.

Ottawa Gardener said...

Would it be wrong to ask where it was rescued from? I ask only because I have about 60 plants in my yard that were... liberated from the trash of a box store in full view of the employees I might add.

And my garden is first and foremost my sanctuary. It also started out as a culinary venture. I've added aesthetics to annoy my neighbours who think I'm nutty and hope for a mess.

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