Friday, June 8

Weekend Plans

In a few more weeks, all of the seasonal people will be taken off of the schedule at the garden center... so I'm taking advantage of the hours when I can get them. This weekend I have a pretty nice schedule, though. 9-6 both days, which means that I have almost 3 hours each evening in which to work in my own garden! My "to do" list is pretty long, but here are the highlights:

- Harvest these lovely garlic scapes and use them in a delicious omelette

- Dig up a few plants that are going to new homes

- Weed and mulch the bed behind the Japanese maple (It's so bad that I'm ashamed to show the "before" picture I took tonight!)

- Plant the flat of veggies that are wilting on the side of the driveway

- Take a few pictures of the plants I didn't realize were in bloom until this evening

- Thin out the volunteer amaranth seedlings (Anything that's not dark burgundy in leaf must go)

- Fill in the hole in the back bed where I removed the potted oakleaf hydrangea two weeks ago

In addition to that, I need to mow the grass... but that's not really a fun job for me so I'm not going to include it on my list. :) Off to get some sleep so I'm up for all of the tasks ahead--I hope that this is a great weekend work-wise for all of my fellow gardeners who have long "to do" lists themselves!


chuck b. said...

Geez, you just reminded me to get my own amaranth started. It's, like, June.

So *not* prepared to accept that we're almost half-way through 2007...

Carol Michel said...

That's quite a list. You know we all have parts of our garden that we won't show pictures of, don't you? Maybe we should have a special day to post pictures of the areas of our garden we are most ashamed of! I do like to mow the lawn, so I would include that on my "to do" list.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, garlic scapes! I never got mine planted last fall, but I know the old house (still for sale after 13 months!) has tons of volunteer garlic in the big 1/4 acre garden. I need to get out there to mow anyway next week, must remember to pull green garlic for pasta and cut scapes to make scape pesto. Yum!

Stunned Donor said...

I'm giving up on my to-do list. If it gets done, it gets done.

kate said...

That is a long to-do list! I hope you are able to get lots done when you aren't working. Garlic scapes are really interesting to look at.

Colleen Vanderlinden said...

Oh, I never show you guys what the area behind my garden shed looks like, and I am a very, very bad weeder. Oh, and there's my compost area...(like Carol said, we all have areas we don't show :-) )

I know the money must have been great, but I know you'll love being able to spend more time in your garden. And you actually just reminded me to double-check my amaranth seedlings. My to-do list isn't as long as yours, but it does include weeding the two perennial beds, which I really don't enjoy, thinning seedlings, planting carrots where the spinach was, and turning the compost. Um. Maybe I should get to work ;-)

Nickie said...

I have no areas Im ashamed of, but then my garden is not as big as yours. Your garlic scapes look yummy. I love them. I finished mine off last weekend and am already missing them :(.

Unknown said...

chuck b., I'm so with you on the denial. There was so much I had planned to have done by now... *sigh*

Carol, that's a great idea. As long as you go first! ;) (Actually, I know that you would. You are much more fearless than I!)

kelly, THANK YOU! I just went and googled "green garlic" and found out what it's all about. I have been wanting to pull a couple of garlics that ended up being dwarfed by things like goatsbeard once it leafed out fully... that gives me an excuse to do it.

steven, I would believe you on that except that I've seen all that work you've been up to in your yard via your blog! The driveway bed looks great, by the way.

Kate, I thought that they were fun, too. I like looking at the way they curl and point...

Colleen, you're very right. I will enjoy the extra time to play in the garden, and reconnect with friends and family--and my boyfriend, for that matter! He's been very patient (for him) but the lack of time together is wearing on both of us. How far did you get on your to-do list?

Nickie, I bet we have about the same sized garden all told--I've seen your long lists of plants, and they have to fit in somewhere! :) This is my first time with garlic scapes, and I'm excited.

Sylvana said...

I actually got MORE done this weekend than was on my to-do list, and I got it all done Saturday. Time to make another to-do list!

Hope you get yours done!

mary grimm said...

Thanks for putting the garlic scapes on your list, because they should have been on my list and weren't.
Also, never thought of garlic scape pesto--thanks, Kelly.

lisa said...

YUM! Hooray for garlic! I'm with Steven-if it will, it will, and if it won't, it won't! I actually had a three day weekend and got very little accomplished. I'd feel bad, but it was too much fun! ;-) Hope yours was fun AND productive!

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