Tuesday, September 15

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - September 2009

I'm out of town this week for a work-related seminar, but I took a few photos before I left so that I could put up a quick GBBD post.  So here, without further ado, are a few snapshots of what's blooming in my garden--including a BIG September surprise:
Portulaca blooming alongside lavender, hens and chicks, and bronze carex buchanii
Variegated sedum in bud at the base of sorghastrum nutens 'Sioux Blue,' which is currently in bloom
Sun Parasol, a bright crimson mandevilla
(very cool, but not the surprise)
Spent flowerheads on red groundcover sedum are still showy against my 'Golden Sword' yucca
The first blue caryopteris flowers emerge amongst the bottlebrush flowers of a pennisetum that I bought as 'Hameln'--but which I think flowers too darkly to be that cultivar.
'Albury Purple' hypericum, which has sported berries for months now, is again throwing out occasional buttery yellow blooms
(Again, cool... but not the surprise!)
Purple Heart, Purple Tradescantia, Setcreasea Pallida... no matter what you want to call it, this lilac-flowering beauty always reminds me of my lovely sister-in-law Amanda
(A story too long to explain right now)
Some annuals still beating the heat with blooms: 'Yubi Red' portulaca and a dark blue angelonia in the tile planter
'Sweet Kate' spiderwort putting up a second wave of color
The twisty onion: allium senescens subspecies glaucum
HERE is the surprise:  A pot-planted Christmas amaryllis bulb in rebloom!
Magenta snapdragons, seen through a veil of 'Black & Blue' salvia. The feathery plant on the left is 'Golden Rain' rosemary
And to close this post?  Not a bloom at all, but instead a rather gratuitous photo of the puppy I've been missing so much this week. (I am also surprised at how many times I have thought that "I wish Steve was here to see..." or do something with me during this trip. Interesting...)  In a few days, I'll be back in town to see whether the next few tomatoes have managed to escape her notice... or whether she's been picking up the "harvesting" duties while I've been gone. Expect a full report!
In the meantime:  Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is one of the many brainchilds of Carol over at May Dreams Gardens.  To see what else is blooming around the world on the 15th of September, check out Carol's latest GBBD Post here.


chuck b. said...

I had an amaryllis bloom recently too. Yours looks more seasonally appropriate with those late summer colors.

You have long seminars.

Pam/Digging said...

Ooh, I love that steely blue foliage of your Sorghastrum nutens 'Sioux Blue'. And great contrast in color and texture with that red sedum and golden yucca. Not blooms per se, but they really make your garden shine, Kim.

Shirley said...

Kim, as always, I do love the planting schemes in your garden. You really have some brilliant combos. Your garden is looking fantastic at this time of year :-D

That Amaryllis is a surprise... not a bulb I've grown but they certainly make a striking feature. Love the magenta snapdragons. I visited a garden last week that I am certain you would enjoy. I've sneak preview pics up at the moment but wait until you see the plantings here. Time is short for me at the moment too but can't wait to post properly on this garden... it will be a long one ;-)

littlewing said...

I love your opening shot of the portulaca, hens and chicks, and lavender. You have some great combos and some of the same plants that I grow look better in your garden:)

Dave@The Home Garden said...

I think I will have to find that variegated sedum to add to our garden. I like the photo of the snapdragons underneath the oakleaf hydrangea. Neat shot!

Nell Jean said...

That mandevilla is indeed kewl. Happy bloom Day.

Carol Michel said...

That is a nice September surprise. My amaryllis are just leaves right now.

Your garden looks so full and lush right now for September. Thanks for sharing it with us for bloom day!

Chloe m said...

That really is neat that an Amaryllis would be blooming now!
Very nice blooms!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Fabulous combinations as always. I especially like the 'Sioux Blue' Indian Grass with the variegated Sedum. The blooming Amaryllis is great. Now I think I must get one for this winter. Of course my favorite photo is of Coco. She's so cute.

LINDA from Each Little World said...

Lots happening in your garden. And what a fun surprise that Amaryllis must have been. Sweet Kate looks so lovely that I may have to think about adding her somewhere in my garden. Happy GBBD!

Kylee Baumle said...

My 'Sweet Kate' I fear is no more. We'll see what happens by spring, but it's not looking good now. Yours looks GREAT! My 'Bilberry Ice' is doing fine though.

THERE'S the amaryllis! Pretty! I'm getting ready to bring mine in for their resting period.

Unknown said...

That's for sure, chuck b.... in fact, the seminar goes through Friday, but since I didn't sign up for classes on Friday I get to come back Thursday night. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed again!

Pam/Digging, yeah, 'Sioux Blue' is one of my favorites--and it looks gorgeous in flower, too. But it means fall is almost here... and I'm still not ready yet! :-P

shirl, thank you for the compliments--and I can't wait to see your sneak preview pics, and the longer post. You always seem to be right about which gardens I will "Ooh" and "Aah" over. lol.

littlewing, thanks... but I think that we ALL have those same thoughts! ("Ooh, why doesn't MY insert-plant-name-here look like so-and-so's?!?!") :-)

Dave, thanks! I actually picked up that sedum at a plant sale put on by a group of local Master Gardeners... so unfortunately I can't direct you where to go to buy it. But I will say that it does NOT like full all day sun--it's much happier looking here in part sun.

Nell Jean, isn't it? I adore the rich red color. Happy Bloom Day to you, too!

Carol and Rosey Pollen, I didn't expect that amaryllis bloom at all... in fact, it's not even planted in dirt, but just in a bowl with a bunch of little pebbles! I figured that maybe I could get it to rebloom again this winter, if I was really lucky. Craziness. :)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter, I agree 100%. And I just can't wait to get home and give her a kiss on that soft spot on her muzzle, right above her nose. :-D

Ms. Wis., Sweet Kate seems like she would be easy to tuck in somewhere--that golden foliage just brightens up any area, I think. Happy GBBD!

Kylee, I cut 'Sweet Kate' all the way down to the ground in early August when she started looking REALLY scraggly! It's probably too late for you to do that yet this season, but I think that's why she looks so good right now.

I realy don't know what to do with this amaryllis once it's done blooming, by the way. I guess I just wait until the leaves die back and give it a rest then? Hmm...

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Well, I was really surprised by your surprise. I do love your Sweet Kate, I have a plain white tradescantia, but I think that you get twice the bang for your buck with Kate. Must get some.
Love your puppy!

healingmagichands said...

A grand surprise, indeed. I know how it is when you are away, you just think about the people who aren't there, the puppies, the kitties (if you have them).

Isn't it great the way things sort of start blooming when fall cools off and things get a little damper. My spiderworts are starting their second wave too. I didn't put pictures of them in my blog, though.

Unknown said...

Deborah, oooh... I don't think I've ever seen a plain white tradescantia. I don't always like white flowers, but that sounds really intriguing! I'll have to google that. :)

healingmagichands, that's so true. Even the most mundane of things that happen at home sound enormously appealing to me right now! And yes, things do start to really pop when the temperatures cool off. If the spiderworts didn't quite make it, I can't wait to see what you DID post up in your blog instead!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Every time I see the beautiful way you have combined your plants I start rethinking some of my combinations. Such pretty blooms. The amarylis is a lovely surprise.

Layanee said...

I actually forgot it was Bloom Day! That is a sign of not paying attention but I am enjoying all the posts. Love that last 'bloom'.

Gail said...

Kim, The yucca backlit is too scrumptious. Must do more with back lighting~ Lisa, hit the proverbial nail on the head~~you are a master of plant combinations~~and i see more each time I visit...for instance Sioux Blue looks terrific with the variegated sedum. How has your Little Bluestem 'The Blues' done this season? gail

Kerri said...

So many interesting things to comment on, Kim. I can't decide which to pick! I love the mandevilla! Mostly because I first saw them in Australia on one of my trips back. Love the shape and color.
I love the way you've captured the light shining through the yucca and sedum, and on "Sweet Kate". I must try cutting back my spiderwort.
You have some great purples! The Hypericum is cool :)
But how very cool to have an Amaryllis blooming now! Wow! Great color too.
Does 'Black and Blue' Salvia overwinter in your garden?
I'm sure Miss Coco misses you too :) Sweet shot.

Sylvana said...

Portulaca, I love it but never grow it. Yours looks fantastic.

SMC said...

Love that grey muzzle!

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