Tuesday, December 15

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - December 2009

Work has been more than a little crazy lately.  In fact, I've worked 48 hours in the past 4 days alone!  I'm not whining, just explaining why I feel as worn out and pale as my beloved evergreen honeysuckle vine, shown above. And also why I'm calling it a day--er, a post--after simply posting a few bloom day photos and a short supplemental list:

From top to bottom: The last bloom on a 'Sharry Baby' (oncidium) orchid that I snagged on clearance because I love its scent, the beautiful orange of pyracantha berries, the Meyer (Improved) lemon still in bloom, and my Jumping Jack 'Big Beans' (zygopetalum) orchid. What else is blooming here?  My jewel orchid, with its tiny white flowers that are more like miniature snapdragons than showy orchid flowers, 'Arp' and 'Huntington Carpet' rosemaries, and a poinsettia with deep burgundy bracts.

For more of what's blooming all around the world this December 15th, visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens and her December GBBD post links.  (And for my new favorite exotic-flower-to-drool-over, visit Chuck B's December Bloom Day post and scroll down to the hardenbergia violacea... wow!)


Gail said...

Good Morning, Happy Day after Bloom Day. I love the berries and grass combo~~Very nice. The Meyer Lemon blooms are really sweet...are they fragrant? The weather has been so difficult that even southern gardens look bare...I do hope you get some rest.


kris at Blithewold said...

You're working too hard! 'Tis the season though I suppose... I hope you get a chance for time off soon to stop and smell your orchids and lemon. They're such beauties.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I think I need a Honeysuckle vine. Anything still blooming outside is worth having. Hopefully you'll get to rest a bit after the holidays.


Beautiful orchids. I have two phalanopsis (sp?) One has bloomed steadily for me since I got it about 8 months ago. :-) The other one bloomed the one time when I bought it but not again.

How many scented ones are there?

Benjamin Vogt said...

Was that a little bluestem I saw up there? I need more. Like, my whole yard--all bluestem. MMmmmmmm.

Pam said...

You've made me feel a bit guilty, since I didn't post for bloom day - and I had plenty of blooms!

I hope that your work schedule settles down a bit - and that you have a wonderful holiday.

joey said...

Amazing gal that, considering your busy schedule, shares ... and why you have such an adorable 'fan club', Kim! Happy Winter Solstice, dear one ... may the holidays fill your heart with glee!

Kerri said...

I need orchids and a Myer Lemon! Such beautiful blooms and scent as well! Lucky you.
The pyracantha berries are lovely too.
Kim, I've been meaning to tell you - A few weeks ago, long after frosts had finished off practically everything, I found a bloom on the Cerinthe Major! What a wonderful surprise!!! The leaves and that little flower held up through snow and ice for quite a while. I took pictures, of course :) Will post a couple when things get back to normal.
I hope you get some rest soon.
Wishing you a wonderful merry Christmas and abundant blessings in the New Year.

lisa said...

You have a great assortment of blooms for December! I see you're still working hard, hope you're having a great New Year! :)

A wildlife gardener said...

Happy New Year, Happy Gardening, Black Swamp Girl...long time no see :)

Beautiful blooms, as always.

I am looking at a snowy landscape...come and see :)


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