Thursday, March 18

Orchid Watch - Day 4

The bud is about the same color, but as you can see from the photo above it has dropped down a little bit.  And the stem has straightened out some, too.  Here is the first photo of the bud  for comparison:

I promise not to post a new photo of this orchid every day--frankly, I'm not organized enough for something like that.  But, fair warning:  I'm excited enough to share at least a few shots along the way to full bloom.  So you'll see a few more!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, and as much as you will watch it it will pop open as soon as you turn your back. The anticipation is sometimes the most fun. Look forward to seeing it open.

Meagan said...

You should do a still animation: collected one photo per day until full bloom.

If Matt and I get into a house anytime soon I'll be starting a garden... That should be entertaining. Ack, spiders! Wait, is that a weed or a plant? I do not have a great deal of faith in my gardening ability.

Lona said...

A watched pot never boils.Wonder if that applies to a watched orchid is slower to bloom. LOL! I would be watching too. Mine is getting a new sprout and I have given up on watching the silly thing. Slower than molasses.;-) Cannot wait to see yours blooming. Have a wonderful weekend outdoors in the sun.

A wildlife gardener said...

Watching it unfurl will be amazing...beautiful colour too :)

Unknown said...

Greenbow Lisa, I tried turning my back for a while... no go. Boo! ;)

Meagan, you'll be fine! (Except for maybe the spiders. Of course, I would LOVE it if your new garden created some kind of lasting piece between you and the arachnids. :) And remember, you know people to whom you can send cell phone pics to confirm a green thing's weed vs. non-weed status before you give it a pull. *grin*

Hocking Hills Gardener, oooh... you have one of these paphs, too? I'm so excited, I can't stop watching--except to try Lisa's idea above. lol.

Wildlife gardener, I know! It seems like it isn't doing much unfurling, though, until I compare photos. Then I can at least pick out the little minute details and see that there IS in fact a little progress!

Kerri said...

The bud itself, emerging from the leaf, is beautiful. Can't wait to see the end result!
I can see why you're in love with that Kalanchoe. What an amazing plant!
I have that same pretty abutilon that Kylee gave you. Did she make a cutting? I'm planning to try a few cuttings from mine.
We've had glorious sunny weather lately.
Happy spring, Kim!

EAL said...

Wow! I would be excited if I had a happening like this. I'd be doing surveillance stop-action photography or whatever,

Good for you, to be having such success.

Gail said...

Post away...we'll be eagerly watching with you! gail

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