Saturday, June 19

A Berry Fruitful Year

I know, bad pun... but it got stuck in my head while walking around the garden this weekend.  I've been picking (everbearing) strawberries for a couple of weeks now, and they're about to hit one of their lulls.  Good thing there is an AMAZING amount of fruit in my backyard, in some stage of ripeness!

When I walk out my back door in the morning, the first thing I notice are the jewel-like currants:

Next door (across the artemisia, passionflower vine, hosta, etc.) the 'Canby Red' raspberries--a favorite of my four-legged Garden Assistant--have been giving me handfuls of ripe fruit for the past few days:

At the far end of the yard, 'Concord' has overgrown the grape arbor and its unripe clusters spill along all sides of the structure.  This pic shows the cascade of vines at the end of the arbor:

Next door (just past the clematis-and Bing cherry combo from this month's Bloom Day post) the thornless blackberry is so laden with fruit that some of its canes have drooped down into the 'Newe Ya'ar' culinary sage:

Nearby, past the fence-espaliered apple, 'Himrod White' grape has finally taken off on its smaller arbor.  I'm really excited to see green clusters here, because I haven't tasted any of these grapes yet:

The cherries have no viable fruit this year, and the peach tree did not want to be disturbed at the moment (still pouting from my thinning of its fruit, no doubt) so we'll conclude this post with a photo of almost-ripe blueberries, taken yesterday:

Which reminds me, it's almost time for a mid-morning snack.  I think I'll go see whether some of those blueberries aren't finally ready, before the birds beat me to them!  Happy Saturday...  :)


Lona said...

It is going to be a fruit filled year for you. Just look at all of those pretty and yummy berries and grapes coming on.Have a wonderful weekend.

Garden Lily said...

I love your photo of the red currants. What a wonderful feeling, to pick fresh fruit from your garden - one of the many delights of gardening. Have a wonderful weekend also.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a bountiful berry garden Kim. The blueberries in our area are ready to pick too. We picked cherries at a friends house this week also. It is that time of year.

joey said...

... and so you are making me hungry too, Kim! A midnight snack is good for the soul but not the hips :) Cool pic of the currents!

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