Thursday, September 16

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - The Nighttime Edition, with Bonus Action Shots

Deliciously fragrant brugmansia--this one a passalong from a friend at the botanical garden

As I haven't made it home before dark at all this week (a combination of too much  work, and too little daylight in the early fall) I didn't get a chance to take any pictures for today's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens.

'Acapulco' agastache, bleached by camera flash, fronting blue-foliaged sea kale. Lurking in the depths behind is an oakleaf hydrangea.

I have a mental note of all of the flowers that are blooming here, though, so I'm posting a list... along with a couple of (terrible quality) nighttime shots of blooming flowers, and two bonus "garden action" shots at the end:

Shrubs, Grasses, Vines & Perennials:  'Albury Purple' St. John's wort, 'Rotstrahlbusch' switchgrass, lonicera sempervirens, Russian sage, 'Grosso' lavender, one lone Japanese anemone, 'Acapulco' agastache in two colors, 'Hameln' pennisetum, 3 kinds of oregano, peppermint, spearmint, and hardy plumbago (yes, still!)

Vegetables, Annuals, Tropicals:  bronze fennel, 'Bonfire' begonia, passalong brugmansia, purple heart, yellow snapdragons, 'Black & Blue' salvia, 'Lady in Red' salvia, 'Hopi Red Dye' amaranth, portulacas, passionflower vine, 'Vista Purple' salvia, various basils, 'Dragonwing' begonia

Not much... not by my usual September garden standards!  So I'll supplement my list with a couple of  bonus "garden action shots":

Yes, they are doing what you think they're doing.

And afterward, the one on the right looked rather embarrassed at having been caught in the act:

Hope you all have an exciting, adventurous, Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!


Joseph said...

Haha! Slug sex! I knew that was how they do it, but I've never actually seen it before. Very appropriate for bloom day too, given flowers are really just plant genitalia...

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Oh, how funny. The R-rated version of GBBD. High time somebody spiced things up a bit. Lucky you, living in a climate where you can grow Amaranth.

PS: thx for the info on the Passion Flower. I'm gonna go for it. :D

Heather's Garden said...

I remember the last slug sex post!

joey said...

Delighted to catch the Nighttime Edition, Kim ... what can I say! Life carries on in the garden while we sleep. Happy remains of September :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad you posted this nighttime version of GBBD. It has reminded me that my night blooming cactus had a bud on it just before we went away a few days ago. We just returned last evening. Your brug is gorgeous. Slugs aren't pretty no matter what they are doing. I don't think any self respecting slug is much in the mood here due to our dry weather. Happy GBBD. Don't work too hard.

Noel Morata said...


that was unique, slug porn, what a slimy mess...on another note, i can almost smell your brug all the way from hawaii :)

Gail said...

That is too funny!

Anonymous said...

Ewww, slugs in love! Double ewwww! When I see the Japanese beetles having a little quality time, I get really ticked off, and quickly send them to their doom together, in a cup of soapy water!

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

I love it! Great pics!

Annie in Austin said...

It's good to see a blooming Brugmansia - my usual 8-foot plant is a non-flowering 3-ft tall shadow this year.

Oh, the slug sex! Ater a party in Washington State we returned to our hosts' house & saw a similar scene on the wall next to the front door. Good photos, Blackswamp Kim ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Kerri said...

Just had to let you know I looked at your Bloom Day post a while back but must've been too tired to comment. That's been the norm for me most nights this summer. Busy days! You must miss your garden when your work days are so long.
The Brug bloom is gorgeous. Wish I could smell it.
You have such a nice collection of Salvias. I tried a couple of new ones this summer and love them. Must try Black and Blue and Lady in Red.
Great pics of the slugs. I wonder if he'll still love her tomorrow :)

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