Thursday, October 7

Late Fall, Evening Sun

I love the way the late day slants of light pick up different hues in my front yard as the sun retreats westward. I feel kind of funny labeling this as "Evening Sun," though, since I took these photos right after work and it was more than an hour before sunset. Ambient light is nice and all, but all of my direct rays are blocked by the houses and trees across the street at a certain point in every sunshiney day... so this is my version of evening sun.

In the backyard, it reaches just to the edge of the house, stopping where the succulent-planted broken birdbath, plumeria, and potted bamboo spent their summer. (All were meant for other locations, but never made it further than this while I was evicting the houseplants. Oops!)  Sometimes, a few rays sneak through this loose arrangement and ignite the Japanese bloodgrass:

But the main evening sun show is in the front yard, in the very topmost corner where the driveway meets the sidewalk up to the front porch.  Here is where chunky, undulating sea kale leaves burn a warm bright green AND a cool light blue:

And dance dizzyingly with ponytail grass:

(And nicely divide the fine textures of grass and agastache, when viewed from the porch steps:)

It's also where the "blue" in 'Black & Blue' salvia shows up... but only in the slanty light.  Otherwise, the "black" hues would prevail here:

It's supposed to be a gorgeous, sunny fall weekend here in Northeast Ohio, so I'm looking forward to taking more than a few sun-kissed photos!  Hope that you all are able to enjoy a lovely weekend as well.  :)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden looks gorgeous in any light Kim. Looking forward to the weekend here. Lots to do.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Kim;
Beautiful pics. This is my favorite time of day, as well, since I can escape from work, hop on the horse and take a short evening ride. Which has me thinking I should be planting some ponytail grass in honor of this much-loved form of exercise! ;) Have a great weekend.

Lona said...

Your grasses look so pretty in the sun.What a wonderful place to put your succulents. It looks very happy in the birdbath. I so like the Black & Blue Salvia. Is it treated as an annual her?
If you can find out information on the Chaste Tree I would appreciate it.I have two started so maybe next spring I could plant one outside and try leaving one out to see if it survives are cold winters. Thank you so much.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I love that October light, and you've got so many great plants that are highlighted perfectly by the slanting rays.

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