Saturday, November 20

Foliage Follow-Up: Moody (Indoor) Greens and Mellow (Outdoor) Yellows

Sometimes, design happens by accident. You leave a stray red fleece on the arm of the couch, walk by later, notice it, and find yourself thinking, "Huh. I could really use something with warm colors over there, couldn't I?"

Plants are not immune to these happy accidents, either, as evidenced by these photos showing how much fun my tillandsias are having perched in this ficus. They had to be moved last week when the plant shelf above my sink finally broke after 5 years of holding weighty plants and pots.

I really like how the colors and textures contrast, and how the placement makes the tillandsias look more like creatures than plants.  (Scroll back up--doesn't that first photo look like the tillandsia is crawling up the leaves?)  Since they're now good buddies, I think that these guys will be allowed to hang out together for the rest of the winter!

Outside, the Japanese maple is still flaunting lots of (now bright red) leaves, but I know that those will soon be gone.  Most of the front yard is slowly but surely blanching out to a ghostly, papery beige... but I quite enjoy how the yellows mellow out along that journey.

The 'Blue Ice' amsonia is a cool, electric yellow earlier in the fall, but now it's warm and bright against the caryopteris.

'Rostrahlbusch' was billed as the showiest of the red-foliaged switchgrasses, and has been a great disappointment in that regard.  But it's still a gorgeous grass in its own right, and its fresh fall yellows are welcome in the front garden with its tapestry of color and texture:

As always, check out other foliage highlights from around the world via Pam's Foliage Follow-Up post!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

My eye was drawn to that big swathe of lamium shown growing in your garden. I just love that plant but it doesn't like it here for some reason. Those little spidery looking plants look good with your ficus. A good place for them.

Unknown said...

Greenbow Lisa, my lamium in the back likes it here a little too much... as it did in my mom's garden, too! (But more so here. I think that it likes dry more than it likes wet.)

Spidery is a good description of the tillandsias. The first pic reminds me of a praying mantis or grasshopper perched on the leaves, though. :)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Kim,
I do like those first two plants together. I love the shape of the green one. Your other foliage looks great, too. I am liking any color we can get this time of year.

You thought my sage may be that one that starts with a "B". I recognize that name, and have grown it, but can't remember if that's what this one is. If so, I'm thinking it's not very hardy here in zone 5b, so probably won't survive the winter.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Pam/Digging said...

What a tapestry of great texture and color, Kim. The tillandsias are so cute, but the red maple with the silver ground cover underneath is really wowing me. Just lovely.

growingagardenindavis said...

I love those tillandsias on the ficus!Hope the other plants from the shelf are OK!

Kerri said...

I tried a little J. Maple seedling from our son and DIL's gorgeous tree but sadly, it didn't overwinter for me. Yours is glorious with the lamium. I have to ruthlessly yank out spreading lamium each spring in a couple of beds. It's a beautiful ground cover though, especially with that Maple.
The Tillandsias remind me of spiders, especially in that first pic :) I like them with the Ficus.
Bummer about the plant shelf.

Rose said...

I think the tillandsia has found a new home! It really adds a fun touch to the ficus. Your new switchgrass looks lovely to me. I planted 2 new "Shenandoahs" this year and am hoping they put on a good show next year.

Thanks for dropping by and visiting me--you certainly have more blooming in your part of Ohio than here in Illinois!

Samual said...

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Layanee said...

Tillandsia is becoming quite popular and yours do look like creatures from another world. Could it be the easiest plant to grow? Love the fall shots. The drear is here in new Enlang although today looks bright. Happy turkey day early!

joey said...

Always on top of these posts, I might have known I would view your lovely offerings, Kim. November hugs and Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

Commonweeder said...

I really love foliage follow up because it is a reminder of all the beauties of color and form. I hope you love Giveaways, and come to visit my Blogoversary celebration.

Stratoz said...

love how the Tillansdia emerge out of the Ficus!!!!

A wildlife gardener said...

Just popped by during the run up to Christmas to wish you all the best, and happy gardening in 2011…WG :)

Ilona said...

You have such an eye for color, it really is amazing! There are so many things to like about the tillandia/ficus pictures: the contrast of color of texture, or size ... it is genius :)

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