Friday, November 19

November GBBD: Late Post for the Latest Bloomers

Life is again getting in the way... and soon, winter will be putting an end to the bloom display outside my windows.  But I do still have a few things blooming in the garden, like the 'Party Dress' Japanese anemone, various grasses, tall yellow snapdragons, a few remaining calendula, and these:

'Black and Blue' salvia guaranitica

Various agastache, still blooming at the tips--although I like the spent flower color just as well.

Caryopteris continuing its airy fall show

I'm keeping an eye on all of the flowers in my yard this fall, to see whether I end up with one lone survivor who finally succumbs to winter long after the others have given up for the season.  Given the photos and the short list above... anyone want to make a guess as to which flower, if any, ends up being crowned this fall?  I'll let you know what happens, either way!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Gosh, my B&B Salvia is mush now. Yours must be in a protected area. Lucky you to have so many things outside blooming.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

My B&B is finished, too, and the blue mist has no flowers. I'm thinking your agastache will be the last hold out. I love that bloom, by the way. It's fuller than the ones I have.

(I was barely staying awake at 9:00, and now, I'm up past midnight watching some TV show I don't even watch normally. I'm going to have to struggle to stay awake in church tomorrow.)

Kerri said...

Those last blooms are treasured, aren't they?
Wish I could get Caryopteris to live through the winter. Yours is a good size.
B&B Salvia, Amsonia and that pretty Agastache...3 more I'd like to try! So many little time!
Your Agastache has been gorgeous this year. I have A. foeniculum which does very well here and the bees love it.

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