Monday, September 19

At Least Someone Enjoys a Messy Garden

Confession time: My garden is a total, absolute WRECK.  I'm neither kidding nor exaggerating... it's so bad that I refuse to take photos to post on this blog. Rather like how, when I was 60lbs heavier than I am now, I refused to let anyone take any pictures of me... I prefer to have no documentation of my shame!

How bad is the garden?  Well... lets just say that yesterday I filled up 4 of those supertall brown paper garden waste bags with stuff that I didn't want to compost. (I also refilled both compost bins with things that were OK to compost, plus the last of the shredded leaves from the previous autumn.) 

And, after all that effort... it's still not photo-ready.  *sigh*

Well, at least this guy likes a messy garden.  More places for him to hide--and, ultimately, to find dinner:

(He didn't seem to be too excited about my cleanup, by the way. Or maybe he, like my garden, just doesn't like the camera right now, either!)

More blogging soon... after a little more cleanup!


Patrick's Garden said...

Hey girl.
I was wondering why you hadn't posted for a while. It has been such an awful summer nobody has much to brag about either. All your cleanup will pay off next spring.

Christina said...

It's good to have space for wildlife too. I'm sure there are some things you could photograph, at least in close-up, we all have some parts of the garden that need attention. Christina

Stratoz said...

why do you think 99% of my "garden" photos are of individual flower? Hope to show my garden some attention this weekend. Best of luck with the cleaning up and

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope that you finally got a little rain. After a rain it is so much easier to pull those weeds. It was so bad here that when I did try to pull a weed that dared to grow during the drought it would just break off at ground level. Luckily we got some much needed rain yesterday. Yay... Your clean up will make you happy later this fall and next spring. I like the photo of your garden helper. He didn't look too happy getting his picture taken. Or maybe it was because you were upsetting his kingdom.

Lona said...

This has been a bad year for all of us Buckeyes in the garden for one reason or the other. My garden has been a mess of failures this summer.LOL! I just want to start over with Spring again and go from there. I was so disappointed in some of my plants I hacked them off and the containers were really terrible.I have yanked almost all of the flowers from them. LOL! Plans for next years garden is keeping me looking ahead and forgetting this years.

Sissy said...

I think we all have times when our gardens are less than perfect! Rarely will you find everyone of my borders and raised beds in perfect condition, all at the same time.
Great shot of the mantis, by the way..

Robin Ripley said...

You know what? Everyone's garden isn't so great right now. The weather has really been a meanie.

joey said...

Just popping in for/with a ((hug)), dear Kim. We all have our moments!

growingagardenindavis said...

There are always things that get away from me too. I'm hoping to do some catching up this weekend. Cool photo of the mantis!

Unknown said...

Patrick, that's true... the Midwest has been dealing out all sorts of challenges for all of us, hasn't it?! Thanks for the kind words.

Christina, up close is about the only way right now... *grin* I took your advice and went to grab a few today. Will try to post them later.

Stratoz, I'm glad that I'm not the only one! Did you get out in the garden this weekend?

Greenbow Lisa, you're SO right--he was NOT happy that I was upsetting his kingdom. In fact, the leaf that he's perched on is from a nearby (huge) weed, where I found him. I broke off the leaf and left him in the tomato plant, much to his dismay. lol.

Lona, SIGN ME UP for starting over at springtime!!! :-D

Sissy, good point. I would just like to have ONE of my beds/borders in perfect condition, though. For maybe 5 minutes. *sigh*

Robin, Joey, and Leslie... thanks, ladies, for the kind words! They really did help me feel a little better. :)

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