Saturday, November 12

Autumn Light & Color - Part 1

The past few weeks have gotten away from me even more quickly than usual. Between launching a new website at work and trying to plan at least the basics of our wedding, the days have completely flown by. (And yes, we finally have a date! August 4th!)

I haven't spent much time outside this fall, which is a shame. I love the slanting rays of light that pick up all of the beautiful reds, like the brightening maple leaves and the flower stalks of the nearby miscanthus:

Light colors at their feet, like the 'Frosty Curls' and 'Beetlemania' carexes, and 'Purple Dragon' lamium, really highlight the reds:

As I bent to find another view of the low-angled light playing in the maple leaves, I discovered a bonus:

'Party Dress' Japanese anemones are still blooming! I just love this messy yet delicate mix of anemone, miscanthus, and a veil of red Japanese maple leaves, all anchored by the yellowing foliage of 'Northern Halo' hosta:

A few more posts of fall color are yet to come... before it all disappears under a blanket of snow! Any of my other northern neighbors have things that are still blooming in your garden?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just love that spread of lamium. That is one plant I just love and want in my garden. It has never taken before. I have tried it in several places. I got a tiny spot of it going this summer, of all summers, I hope it survives the winter and spreads. I have visions of it growing like yours does. I will have to get out to see if there are any blooms still going after the big freeze this week. What I can see from the patio doors looks bad. Congrats on your wedding date being set. You will have so much fun getting it all ready. Can't wait for more details. Keep us posted. :)

Stratoz said...

lovely colors indeed. Yes, the hardiest stuff in the garden survived our October snow storm here in PA. Maybe I will venture out and take some photos. it is looking like the weeds will live till spring time

Lona said...

What wonderful contrasts. I love the reds of your Maple and the fall grasses just sparkle.

Sissy said...

My garden is kaput, for the most part. Though I don't know if I am north of you, or not. Probably. I'm too far north for my own liking!
Yay for August 4th!!

Unknown said...

Greenbow Lisa, I bet that lamium takes off for you this year. It's a drought-tolerant groundcover once you get it going... but in my experience, you do have to kind of water and baby it a bit in order to actually get it going! If that doesn't take for you... let me know. I'll send you some in the spring!

Stratoz, isn't that the truth about those weeds?! By the way, you're on my blog feed so I'm looking forward to being surprised by some garden photos this week. :)

Thanks, Lona! I never thought of it that way, but you're right. The fall grasses really do sparkle in their own way... I love that description.

Sissy, even if you're not further north than me, I'm close enough to the lake that I get a little bit of a reprieve. My friends at work (30min drive south) had a killing frost weeks ago. On the flipside, it takes weeks longer for our lakeside gardens to get going in the spring... but I'm trying not to think about that right now! lol.

growingagardenindavis said...

I think it's hard to take photos with light and you did such a good job! I'm glad you've got a little longer to enjoy those views before they get covered from sight.

Jane O' said...

Your Japanese Maple is fabulous. Very thick and perfectly shaped!

joey said...

So happy for you, Kim. May awesome light always shine on you and your new life.

Layanee said...

Beautifully captured.

natertots11 said...

Your Maple is awesome! Very cool shots with the light reflecting through and off the red leaves! Fall is awesome! I never want it to end! Congrats finally settling on a date!

Nate Armstrong

Garden Broad said...

Wow, I haven't visited in a long time! Congratulations on the wedding, and I think your garden looks fantastic despite your absence (it's been well-loved enough to "coast" awhile :)

Lisa formerly from Millertime

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