Saturday, March 17

An Upright(eous) March Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

In March, the garden invites you to get up close and check things out.  Whether that means the snowdrops that are (usually, but not this year) blooming, or the hellebores whose nodding flowers all seem to need a good tilt if you want to see inside.

Well, not ALL of them--not this year, anyway! I'm wondering if the cold temps encourage them to keep their heads down, because I don't remember ever seeing so many face-up hellebore flowers in my garden. But there are quite a few uprights, especially on 'Ivory Prince':

And to make things even better, these guys are literally covered with blooms and buds:

The other usual March blooming suspects here (mainly snowdrops, and my jewel orchid indoors) have already come and gone. But I do have one stray bloom in the house, too. 'Vancouver Centennial' scented geranium has thrown out two very early--and very hot orange--blooms in my kitchen window.

To see what other gardeners have blooming around the world, head over to Carol's May Dreams Garden to check out her March Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post!


Country Mouse said...

Hellebores! There must be some hellebores in my future - I see them and I love them! Thanks for swinging by my California ridge, all the way from Ohio!

Unknown said...

Country Mouse, thanks for making the return trip to Ohio! ;-) (And ah... I wish that some of your pretty blue ceanothus was in MY future! Because I saw that and liked it, too!)

greggo said...

are you still moving.

Unknown said...

Yes, Greggo, but not until next year. I told Steve that I couldn't handle planning a wedding, moving in together, and trying to sell my house (then buy another one) all at the same time! So he's going to deal with being slightly uncomfortable until next spring... and that gives me time to dismantle, donate & propagate as needed. :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your hellebores are so pretty. My Ivory Prince is the best it has ever been this year too. This hot weather is just crazy. We need rain already. Geez. What a weird year.

I think you are wise to not add the stress of selling your house, moving etc on top of a wedding and all other adjustments that comes with marriage. Even if you are living together now there will be adjustments. It just happens.

Unknown said...

Lisa, I agree re: the weather being crazy! A week ago when I cleaned out my front garden on the first unseasonably warm day, The tulip leaves were barely pushing up out of the ground... as of this morning, the first ones are in full on bloom already!

Living together IS going to be a big adjustment. Both of us have been living entirely alone now for 3-4 years... I admit that I have a little trepidation about that adjustment period. I'm hoping that we can set up some positive routines (earlier bedtimes, less eating out, more bike rides, etc.) at the same time that we're getting used to each other, too. We shall see! :-)

growingagardenindavis said...

Those hellebores are so incredibly lovely! I hope they get to make the move with you. Sounds to me you have a lot of great ideas about adjustments both floral and personal...I'm betting you do great!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement, Leslie! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out well. :-)

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