Thursday, April 19

April Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (Came Way Too Early!)

April's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day--hosted (as always) by the lovely Carol of May Dreams Gardens--came way too early for me in so many ways. The 15th seems to sneak up on me each and every month anyway, but this spring the blooms are sneaking up on me, too!

Check out my May GBBD post from last year for a photo that looks VERY similar to the one above! This pretty dwarf iris didn't bloom last year until May, either:

Things are so early that much of my usual spring garden work remains undone. For example, many of my "late" tulips are blooming determinedly among the as-yet-unclipped foliage of 2011:

Thankfully, the smaller species tulips are sited on the edges of the driveway garden. This area stays mostly clear of leaves, so they are all blooming freely:

The hyacinths are in a similarly clear spot, too... which is particularly good for this bee:

And I am particularly happy to see him, because the cherry trees, apple tree and blueberry bushes are all in bloom right now, too!  And so are the currants:

Hopefully there are enough pollinators around to take care of all of my fruit trees. I guess that we'll find out whether or not that's the case this summer!  Here's a roundup of everything else that bloomed in my garden on April 15th, 2012:

  • Pulmonaria
  • 'Jack Frost' (but not 'Looking Glass') brunnera
  • 'Lilafee' epimedium
  • mom's passalong pink lamium
  • 'Purple Dragon' lamium
  • 'Geranium' daffodils
  • sweet woodruff
  • 'Bressingham Ruby' bergenia
  • the last of the red species tulips


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This has been an early blooming spring Kim. Just crazy beautiful. I have always loved your lamium. I finally seem to have one that is growing in my garden. I can't tell you how many I have killed because I couldn't find a spot they were happy in. Lamium is such a pretty plant to me. So much texture as well as color...and those little blooms are a big plus. Happy GBBD.

greggo said...

I like the combination with lamium. Aren't you beginning to move?

Unknown said...

Greenbow Lisa, YAY for your lamium! I remember that you mentioned last year that you had some trouble with that... I was going to send you some this year if you kept on having trouble. :-)

Not moving yet, Greggo. Still planning the wedding, which will be in August... I told Steve I was pretty sure I couldn't handle trying to sell a house, buy another house AND plan a wedding. (Yikes! lol.)

Lea said...

Beautiful flowers!
I especially like the way you have caught the light in the first two photos.
Have a wonderful day!
Lea's Menagerie

Unknown said...

Thanks so much, Lea! Hope that you have a wonderful day as well!

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