Saturday, August 11

Introducing Two New Pairs in the Garden ;-)

I've been a little quiet in the past month, so here's a quick update on two new pairs in my garden.  The first is a little ephemeral, as you can see by the bite marks.  (I couldn't resist sampling before I snapped the pic.)

The second pair is going to be much longer lasting.  :-)

This is just a friend's cell phone pic taken off the back deck of our reception venue, so it isn't the clearest shot... but I like our smiles in this one, and we don't have our official pictures yet!  Steve had ditched his suit jacket immediately after pictures because it was about 95 degrees outside.  That amazing necklace and matching pearl earrings belonged to Steve's grandma.  My brooch bouquet is mostly made up of vintage brooches and earrings that belonged to all of our grandmas, plus gift brooches from my Mom and my boss, and a couple of special Etsy finds that have personal meaning--like a black dog to represent my gardening assistant.

It was a wonderful day all around... and we felt very lucky to have so many close family and friends join us in celebration.  :-)

Note:  I'll be back to my regular (irregular) blogging in a week or so... Steve and I are going to take a little honeymoon of sorts. It involves sleeping in, staying offline, and spending lots of quality time together doing things like hiking and biking. See you all again afterward!


Meagan said...

Whoohoo! Congrats again!

Have to admit my first thought: "You spelled pears wrong. And those are peaches."

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Kim, you made a beautiful bride. Your groom is a handsome man. You make a perfect pair. I wish you two the best in your future together. Big hugs to you both.

growingagardenindavis said...

You do indeed both have wonderful look so happy! I love the bouquet and you look beautiful...congratulations and best wishes!

sheds in Queensland said...

Wow! That was indeed cool. Lovely pairs indeed. Congratulations!

Stratoz said...

Congrats and never stop celebrating

Pam/Digging said...

Congratulations, Kim! What a great picture -- you guys make a lovely couple!

Garden Broad said...

Congratulations!! You are a gorgeous bride, and the two of you are an adorable couple!

Denise said...

Congratulations to you both, Kim!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much, everyone! I really appreciate the good wishes and congrats... :-)

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