Monday, October 15

Fading Fall Flowers: GBBD October 2012

Amidst the fading fall flowers this Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, the freshness of this blue globe thistle seems a little out of place. That this seedling even bloomed at all this year is a tribute to the long growing season.

All of my other flower pictures show either slightly bedraggled blooms, like this dahlia...

...or vivid flowers against the fading foliage of fall:

From top to bottom, this post featured:  'Fresh Look Red' celosia, echinops ritro, 'Lady in Red' salvia seedling, blue angelonia and an unnamed lantana, verbena bonariensis, variegated sedum, chocolate eupatorium, caryopteris, and 'Hameln' pennisetum.

Also in bloom in my yard today:  Alpine strawberries, various coleus, wax begonias, 'Victoria Blue' salvia, 'Black and Blue' salvia, pineapple sage, hardy plumbago, various peppers, 'The Blues' little bluestem, 'Hopi Red Dye' amaranth, various pink Japanese anemones, various miscanthus, and 'Purple Dragon' lamium.

To see what's blooming around the world in various gardens today, visit Carol's October Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post!


HELENE said...

You might have fading autumn foliage, but you have some fresh coloured flowers - that celosia was beautiful :-)

Lea said...

Lovely Autumn colors!
Happy GBBD!
Lea's Menagerie

HolleyGarden said...

Lovely groupings. I love the delicate sedum blooms with the dark foliage of the heuchera? and the white lacy blooms against the straight lines of the grasses.

Denise said...

Beautiful fall garden, Kim. Pretty neat to have echinops seeding around ;)

Unknown said...

Helene, isn't it? Funny, but the celosia looked kind of blah for most of the summer... I guess it waited until it could star, to put on a show!

Thanks, Lea! Happy GBBD! :-)

HolleyGarden, thank you! And yes, that's heuchera... not sure which one, as taking the leftovers home at the end of the season used to be my weakness when I worked at the garden center. (And by that time, most of them had lost their tags... oops!)

Thanks, Denise! It is pretty neat--especially since they seem to only seed around right near the mother plant, and I can weed out what I don't want. (Don't get me started on the range of bronze fennel seedlings! Yikes!)

greggo said...

I understand about bronze fennel. It seems my fennel plants have more seed heads than foliage this year...not sure why.

scottweberpdx said...

Beautiful autumn blooms and grasses...that Angelonia is stunning!

growingagardenindavis said...

There are still lots of beautiful blooms in your part of Ohio! Happy Bloom Day!

Unknown said...

Your colors and foliage combinations are lovely. Our blooms definitely are slowing in SC--it's time to add some pansies to the garden for color here! Happy Bloom Day!

Northern Shade said...

Your 'Hameln' has nice large seedheads and an a good shape. It's an attractive grass.

As Holy Garden mentioned, the Sedum flowers look attractive with the dark Heuchera foliage.

Stratoz said...

Hope you survived this week's storm. I know two people from out your way who lost power for several days.

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