Friday, March 15

March GBBD 2012: Orchids and Snowdrops Edition

Since I've been more than challenged in terms of posting ANYTHING this year, I hope that you'll forgive me for this uncharacteristically brief Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post.  At least it's a post--and on the 15th, even!

First, An orchid I picked up at the botanical garden's post-show plant sale: Oncidium Mendenhall 'Hildos':

I like that these flowers seem otherworldly, but the foliage is the real reason I bought it. And it doesn't hurt that it looks like a botanical transformer badass in close ups:

Another orchid from the same sale, this is Miltassia Charles M Fitch 'Izumi' which came with two blooming stalks and a third stalk full of promising buds:

My third and last purchase from the show was an orchid that I've killed once already, but couldn't resist trying again. This is the last fading bloom on the "Coconut Pie Orchid," Maxillaria tenuifolia:

Other indoor blooms include Steve's poinsettia (a gift from his old office complex about 4 years ago), which I affectionately refer to as Charlie Brown:

I zoomed way in to make it look good...
but this IS the Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree of old poinsettias!

And this crazy purple heart, which has been blooming intermittently in a dark corner of the bathroom:

Outside, I can see the hellebores again now that the snow is gone. This one, with its dark petals and light, sanded-looking edges, is my current fave:

While I'm not a fan of white flowers, this one gets extra props for being in bloom in early January. The long bloom time and snowy winter is the reason for the wear and tear you can see in on the flowers in the background:

And my lone little clump of snowdrops, which live under the peach tree. I left the pits from last summer's fallen fruit in the picture so you could get a size comparison:

And that's all I've got to show off this month in terms of blooms.  For more of what's blooming around the country - and even around the world - check out Carol's post at May Dreams Gardens!  

(And check back tomorrow, too.  I managed to get a Foliage Follow Up post into the queue this month, too!)


bookworm said...

Wow, you could film a horror movie based on some of those orchids. I am amazed, when I go to our local orchid show, at the thousands of variations in foliage and flower that orchids have. It's too bad that I tend to kill them, even the "easier" (ha ha) ones. I would never even try any of the ones you photographed today. I pay homage to your braveness, and wish you a happy GBBD.

growingagardenindavis said...

Your orchids are wild looking and cool. Glad the snow melted enough for you to see those amazing that they bloom under it!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your orchids are fantastic. I never see this type around here. Finally my orchids are blooming again. I just love em. Happy GBBD and yes we will forgive you for not posting since you are a newly wed. :)

Unknown said...

Bookworm, exactly! Some of them really could give you nightmares! lol. As for my braveness, the plant sale made it much easier to be brave. With just a few exceptions (gallon+ pots of cymbidiums, for example, were $20) they were all $10 each. So if they die, I'll only feel the usual plant guilt, plus guilt from wasting $10. ;-) Happy GBBD!

Leslie, I was amazed when I got glimpses of them between snows, too. But it somehow made me feel better to know they were down there. :-)

Greenbow Lisa, hahaha! I don't know, we're like an old married couple already. ;-) (And I mean that in the very best way!) I hope that I can keep these going--they're not nearly as easy as the other ones I grow. I may be coming to you for tips! Happy GBBD. :-)

jane said...

Your orchids are AH-mazing. I feel like they deserve super-villian (hero?) names. What cool looking plants. Happy bloom day!

Unknown said...

Jane, YES! 'Hildos' (its cultivar name) is probably good enough for the top one, because it sounds kind of god-like. But I'll definitely have to come up with some fun, villain-esque nicknames for the rest of them. :-) Happy GBBD!

Kris Peterson said...

I love that Miltassia orchid. A belated GBBD!

Stratoz said...

Three orchids were recently given to my classroom, no blooms but I would be delighted with anything like the top one. Last year spring rushed by this year the crocus and Siberian iris have delighted in the cooler weather.

Nelson said...

Lovely seems to be not the right word to describe the flowers..

Natalie said...

WOW! I am still in awe seeing this wonderful plants.

Unknown said...

Kris, thanks! :-)

Stratoz, my iris just showed up, too--funny that we're a few weeks behind you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for some cool orchid blooms in your classroom!

Nelson, yeah... I'm not sure that "lovely" is the right word, either. :-)

Thanks, Natalie!!!

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