Wednesday, May 29

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Thai Pink Lipstick Plant

Aeschynanthus 'Thai Pink'
I managed to capture the bloom (ridiculously outsized compared to the foliage) before it faded, as promised... but only because Greenbow Lisa expressed some faith in me. I couldn't let her down!


Natalie said...

I just love the title of this post, "Almost". It really made my day.

Stratoz said...

Bloom and name are wonderful.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I knew you could do it girl. These fleeting blooms are so worth the effort. Sweet. Thanks for the link love too.

Gail said...


Unknown said...

Thanks, Natalie, Stratoz and Gail. :-)

Greenbow Lisa, it was like the bloom knew I had done my job. The next day, there was a little bit of wind and I came home to discover the bloom laying on the porch floor next to the plant! Guess I barely squeaked out that picture in time. ;-)

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