Wednesday, September 27

Winter Garden Book Club List

Carol over at May Dreams Gardens is compiling lists of suggested books for a winter gardening book club. If you want to submit your own list for consideration, see what others have suggested already, or join to review, visit her page to learn more.

Carol, if you already have enough "hosts" for each month that's great. If you find yourself in need of another host I could do any month except December or January--I'm just too busy with work then to commit to having anything up in a timely fashion! And here is my suggested list:

Planting Design: Gardens in Time and Space
by Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury
(my all-time favorite gardening book so far in terms of turning my planning/thoughts around)

Dear Friend and Gardener
the correspondence of Christopher Lloyd and Beth Chatto
(haven't read it yet, but am fascinated because of the two personalities involved)

Beth Chatto's Gravel Garden
Beth Chatto
(only read excerpts of this so far at Borders, but this always intrigues me because of the thought and planning that went into the garden's construction)

Wild Fruits or Walden
Henry David Thoreau
(the former is a collection of unfinished essays published posthumously... and the latter needs no explanation but I haven't read it since high school and probably should again)

That's it... I'm game for anything, though, so I can't wait for my "homework list" on this one!


Carol Michel said...

Thanks for coming aboard! I've got your list and will add it with the others and noted your willingness to "host" a month. Thanks!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Blackswamp girl,I have read the original post now.A lot of people have waded in with their lists.I need to think about mine before posting.Where do you work?I will be working at xmas and new year because i generally do.Hospitals never shut for admissions, even over the holidays!

Kati said...

love books on garden design. the local library is scarce on garden books, so I'll have to... visit the book store often to read the most expensive ones in bits and snatches?? drop some hints for gifts i'd like?? work more hours at my paying job so i can afford to buy more books?? oh dear.

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