Saturday, October 20

Blog Action Day Roundup

mr brownthumb is a Chicago gardener who takes some of the most interesting close-up photos of bugs I have ever seen. (Much better than this one of a wasp-larvae-infested hornworm that I took last year, but that's the best I can do personally.)

He recently noted that no garden bloggers were included on Blogger's review of Blog Action Day. I had noticed Blogger's list when I logged in a day or two after the event... but it never really hit me that no garden blogs appeared there. Maybe they felt it best to highlight blogs with subject matter that was not already entwined with the environment in some way?

Whatever the reason, mr brownthumb rectified this oversight by posting a list of garden bloggers who were snubbed by Blogger on Blog Action Day. If you don't appear on his list already, please stop by there and note your Blog Action Day post on his comments.

It doesn't matter whether you feel you've been snubbed or not, and your blog doesn't have to live on Blogger to be included. The more garden blog posts that are mentioned there, the more that post becomes an even better resource for those looking for inspiration and ideas. Speaking of which, I'm heading back over there to click around the garden blogs listed, and explore some more...


Kylee Baumle said...

I want to spend some time reading the posts, so I'm glad Mr. Brown Thumb did this.

I didn't post for the day, mainly because I didn't know what I wanted to say, but my grandma and I had a really great conversation along the lines of this that I want to blog about. I think maybe I'll do it today, before I forget what all we discussed. It's interesting to hear what a 92-year-old woman whose livelihood has always come from farming has to say about things!

John A Ciampa said...

I posted two out of 14 blogs that i own that day. I found out this was happening the day of or I would have posted one per blog.

Annie in Austin said...

So gardeners only get respect from other gardeners? It was pretty cool of Mr Brown Thumb to collate the posts - and cool of you to link to them, Kim.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

lisa said...

Thank you for linking to this, Kim! I didn't really notice the situation myself, but I'm glad Mr. Brownthumb did! Personally, I blog for myself and cool people like you, but I don't care who else notices....but I'm glad somebody did.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

Glad people have picked up on it and have been passing around the links so we can read what we all wrote.

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