Wednesday, October 27

End of October Project Week (and Garden Photos)

At work, we have to finish up our vacation time before November 1st--otherwise we lose it!--so I took this week off.  My plans were to relax toward the end of the week, and get lots of projects completed during the first part of it.  Dad came up Monday to help me finish walls, fix a broken storm window, repair some flooring, fix my garbage disposal, seal up some cracks in my front porch posts... the list goes on and on.  There's so much I wanted to get done that I knew I would have to be as busy as this guy:

Since he was driving up his new truck, Dad also brought me this old hutch (rescued and refinished by my grandfather decades ago) that has lived in their basement for many years.  I painted the inside "Gentle Sky" blue, and was amazed to see how nice all of my pottery, thrift store finds, gifts and antiques look together in it:

The glass in the other door is broken, and I'm on a mission to find some old glass (with the lovely rippling and the occasional bubble that the other one sports) to replace it.  But I'm still enjoying it in the meantime!  Dad left yesterday, after getting most of the "expert work" finished and teaching me many things along the way.  He left me with the follow-up work, like priming and painting the newly caulked and repaired porch posts, that I could handle alone.

As you can see, today was a beautiful fall day, and the garden was lit up with fall color that made the primer coat look even more pale and boring by comparison!  So I gave into temptation and took a bunch more photos to share... you can see them below.  I hope you all enjoy them, while I go back to even more painting.  (This time, the kitchen/cabinets and trim around the big picture window... argh!  :)

From the front steps, the feature corner bed is obscured by 'Rotstrahlbusch' switchgrass

From the other side, the slanting sun brings out the warm greens and silvers of this same bed. This "elephant ear" kalanchoe will have to be dug out and brought in soon.

So will this Mexican/Cuban oregano, which has happily sprawled across miniature carexes.

More of the miniature carexes (left) with the fall tones of a peach heuchera and 'Purple Dragon' lamium.

Turning slightly south, the bright spears of 'Golden Sword' yucca pick up the fall colors of 'Hameln' pennisetum and 'Blue Ice' amsonia nicely.

And I love the color and textural contrast between 'Hameln' and my oakleaf hydrangea in the fall.

Last but not least:  A pineapple lily update.  In the past month, my 'Sparkling Burgundy' eucomis has put up some new foliage... which will soon die back until it emerges again (I hope!) in the spring. As long as this doesn't stress the plant too much, I hope it does this every year--I love the fresh burgundy rosette against the older, greened leaves.  :)


Northern Shade said...

There is a great sense of accomplishment in checking off a to do list of jobs. The old hutch has beautiful wood, and the light colour on the interior sets off your collection well.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your collection looks great sitting in your new cabinet. You are mightly blessed to have a Dad that can and will teach you how to do some things. It is always a boost to have someone that will help you. The big elephant ear kalanchoe is a beauty. My husbands Uncle has one that is quite large that he hauls in and out of the house as the seasons dictate. They are wonderful plants. Such character. Have a good rest of the week. You will feel like you are ready for anything after getting all of your chores done.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I can see why you tempted away from the work. You've sited your grasses perfectly to catch those late October rays. It's just gorgeous.

xoxoxo said...

Aha! I just saw a Hameln at lunch today and took a pic for my fiance to know what I like! Thanks for naming it today!
Love the hutch and display!

Commonweeder said...

I find I get much more done myself when I have someone working with me, even if we are not working on the exact same project. Looks like you had a productive and enjoyable vacation week. I love your grasses.

kris at Blithewold said...

Wow. You were much more productive than I ever am over stay-cation. I've never tried leaving a eucomis in the ground - they come back for you?? I wish I hadn't taken ours out last week...

Unknown said...

Northern Shade, I heartily agree re: the old hutch and the wood! It has that lovely old-wood smell to it, too, and even the few dings and marks that it's earned over the years just make me love it even more.

Greenbow Lisa, you're SO right about my Dad! I didn't realize that everyone else (especially other females) weren't so lucky until after I graduated from college. :) The elephant ear is definitely fun... I love the texture, and how undemanding it is. (Okay, and that it looks like it belongs in a Dr. Suess book! lol.)

MMGD, thank you. I love backlit grasses, so that was actually intentional placement with those. :)

xoxoxo, thanks for the compliments--and for stopping by! There are lots of different pennisetums, but be careful which cultivars you pick. Some of them are notorious reseeders in different areas of the country... although 'Hameln' has given me no such problems, thankfully!

Now that you mention it, Commonweeder... my productivity DID taper off dramatically once Dad left! I think that next time I ought to keep him around a bit longer, just so I keep my butt in gear. lol.

Blithewold Kris, I have to admit, I'm almost scared to answer your question in the affirmative, lest I jinx my 'Sparkling Burgundy'... so I'll just say that this is their third full summer in the ground, and if they get through this next winter, that will make four. (How's that for hedging?! :)

joey said...

As always portrayed in your gift of viewing, your life outside is good/grand, Kim. Love your treasured hutch, much like the one my youngest son inherited from my dear sister that holds old secrets/new treasures. Happy November :)

Gail said...

How lovely your garden looks in the autumn light~ The fuzzy seed heads of pennisetum are wonderful; I added Karley Rose to the garden and completely forgot about her until she bloomed. Marvelous color. I love fall, but, get nostalgic for the garden and dread the gray winter to come! gail

Layanee said...

Ahhh, the glorious light of fall is evident in your garden photos. Love the hutch and the blue interior. I hope you finished up all your tasks and have a day available for fun.

Kerri said...

What a blessing to have such a helpful, caring and handy dad, and great fun to have him around for a few days.
That's a beautiful hutch. The pale blue interior is perfect!
I love the light shining on your fall garden and am so glad you took a break to shoot these beautiful photos :) The Hydrangea shot is especially lovely.

Stratoz said...

you could have stopped with the first one, way awed by the beauty of it.

Unknown said...

Joey, that's EXACTLY how I like to think of this one... holding old secrets and new treasures. *grin* Lovely thought!

Gail, it IS such bittersweet beauty, isn't it? I both long for and dread the fall... *sigh*

Layanee, I didn't really have extra time... but I took it anyway! lol. Sometimes you just have to, I guess!

Kerri, I definitely am. He has never told me that I couldn't do something... even things that traditionally aren't "girl things" to do. I never realized how unusual that was until I went to college... and now I thank god for my good fortune all the time. :)

Stratoz, I know. If I was one to remember to do "Wordless Wednesday," that would definitely have been a good post for it... the post could've ended right after that photo, I think!

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