Thursday, February 17

Foliage Follow-Up: February 2011

I featured the jewel orchid in my February Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post... so why not stick with that lovely plant for this month's Foliage Follow-up, too? After all, I often pause in the morning at the top of the stairs to admire how the lace curtain makes fun light patterns on its back lit leaves:

And I can hardly feature the jewel orchid without mentioning the cute little succulent plant that shares its pot:

Jewel orchids tend to get a little on the leggy side, so I scattered some broken pieces of a tiny succulent in between its knobby knees a year or more ago, in an effort to make the pot look a little less sparse:

I love that it has grown up taller than the jewel orchid now. Somehow its spindly height seems to balance the orchid's draping growth:

A lovely starburst of murano glass (brought back from Italy for me by my friend Jessica) brightens up this little side table, along with the bold stripes of "Lemon Lime" dracaena:

The dracaena adds a little height, too, without taking up too much table space.  Perfect for the little nook at the top of the stairs--and for making sure that the subtle jewel orchid isn't too overwhelmed by something else!

That's all I have for today... but if you're a fellow fan of all things leafy, make sure that you check out all of the other lovely foliage posts left in the comments at Pam's Foliage Follow-up!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Kim, you have lots in interesting foliage on your table. This has inspired me to look around my house plants for some foliage to post.

IlonaGarden said...

I think you are the color diva- whether inside or out you manage to create a wealth of interest in the combination of foliage.

Pam/Digging said...

You have such dramatic plants, both indoors and out. That skinny succulent reaching skyward is so cute! Thanks for joining in for FF.

joey said...

Indeed delightful, Kim, and a lovely way to start the day.

Layanee said...

That is fabulous foliage. Must get a jewel orchid. They are lovely.

Gardens at Waters East said...

Kim, Just found your blog. Thought since we both live on a Great Lake, might be interesting to stay informed on your upcoming Summer. You can check me out here on Lake Michigan at my blog: Let me know your thought on this little piece of Earth. Look forward to seeing more of your Blog. Jack

blondeponder said...

Hi lovely seeing whats growing on in different states! I am in Sunny Florida.

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