Saturday, March 5

A Sunny Corner in March

This first photo is not from the sunny corner referenced in my post title... but since this bright beauty demands as much attention as Charlie Sheen, I figured I might as well give her the top billing she requires:

That amaryllis, name unknown, was "rescued" from our office last year and then promptly thrown outside and forgotten for the summer. I figured that it was probably victim of my neglect, but I brought it inside anyway and tucked the pot with its bare-looking bulb amongst my other houseplants. I was surprised to notice a touch of green, and then leaves and a bloom stalk, several weeks ago... and have been enjoying the 6"-plus blooms now for more than a week!  Yay for plants that tolerate neglect!!!

More tolerant plants are stashed on my stair landing, just below a south-facing leaded-glass window. The banana plant that anchored this grouping has since succumbed to said neglect... but the agave, begonia, and rescued orchid cactus (epiphyllum) are still hanging in there. When the light hits just right, it causes the begonia leaves to glow ruby-red.  Lately, though, I've been just as enamored of the backlit epiphyllum leaves:

I'm not sure whether the epiphyllum is catching my green-starved eyes because of its color, or because I'm so amused that such thick, fleshy succulent leaves can be backlit so glowing and bright. But I'm completely fascinated by the variations in green here:

In just a few months, these plants will head back outside to summer on the porch.  Until then, I'll keep enjoying them inside--especially on our rare sunny days!


growingagardenindavis said...

That stair landing is a wonderful little plant oasis during your cold winters...and the light really does make for cool photos!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Puleeze don't mention Charlie Sheen. I am so sick of hearing about him. I am lovin this Amaryllis. The cactus looks beautiful backlit too. Can't you almost feel that spring is about to muscle out winter?? Fantastic.

Gail said...

For years I've blamed the cat for not having indoor plants, but, really I am a negligent plant person in the winter. So hearing about your plants me hope! I, too, love how the sun penetrates the thick green and light up the plant's lines...gail

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Had to giggle at your Sheen reference. I was secretly thrilled to read that management finally stepped up to fire his ass. Even more excited at the prospect that HORRIBLE sitcom might finally go off the air.

Oh! And, I enjoyed your photos, too. :)))

~ a ranting blog visitor

Layanee said...

Our eyes are so starved for green and my hope is that you will have a bit more of it for St. Patty's Day.

Stratoz said...

not much greenery in my house, but I make up for it in my classroom. Those back lit leaves are very cool.

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