Wednesday, March 16

March Reveal (This Month's Foliage Follow-Up)

On the big design shows, it's all about the reveal. So, too, for my garden in March.  The snow has FINALLY melted, revealing a mix of old, bleached-out foliage (because I'm a spring cleaner, not a fall cleaner in the garden) and new spring growth. 

Some old foliage knows how to mix in artfully, like the fine-textured Japanese maple leaves that seem to flow through the garden in delicate streams. Others, including the cane-like hollow flower stems in the pictures above and below, just seem to plop down in ugly places and look like litter.

A few plants mix old and new foliage on their own, like these red-stemmed 'Ivory Prince' hellebores:

And others, like the sage below, mix so well that it's hard to tell at first glance which branches of the sage are dead and which are not.

Last, but not least, a photo that shows three distinctly different spring foliage looks. The bergenia, top, is showing off a dark red (and a little flower stalk--do you see it?) hue that will gradually turn a deep green by summer.  'Chubby Fingers' groundhugging sedum looks as fresh and green now as it will in June.  'Toffee Twist' carex will keep its look for the rest of the year, too... but it's anything but fresh and green!

This last photo shows one more very important thing in my garden:  The little blue cap belongs to my soil thermometer.  I admit that I cheat, and put it there near to the sidewalk because I know that the soil warms up there soonest!  And although I do factor my "cheating" into my decision-making when I get around to planting seeds... it makes me happy to see progress in ground warming at this time of the year.  That tells me that true spring can't be too far behind!

To check out some more great foliage from around the world--or let people know about your Foliage Follow-Up post--check out Pam's March Foliage Follow-Up on Digging.


Pam/Digging said...

We never have snow cover that lasts more than a few hours, so it's interesting to see how a garden emerges from under it. I really love that first image -- great combo!

Caroline said...

I do see the little flower stalk! And the sedum -- isn't it amazing how it tolerates freezes so well? Nice study!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your foliage looks a lot like mine. It has lots of late winter/early spring dried stalks in it. I have finally been out to pull up a little of it. Happy FF. I like the way the sage has wintered over. It looks happy as can be.

ricki 'sprig to twig' said...

It takes a good eye to find the beauty in unusual combinations, as you have here. I'm so glad you visited Sprig to Twig and left a comment so that I could track you down. I'm bookmarking you for future visits.

Stratoz said...

March revealed itself to me today, and all I had to do was give the garden an hour or so of my time. photos at my blog. How could something that gives me such beauty be neglected?

Donna said...

I have a lot of spring clean-up because I use leaves for mulch and take it off in spring.

scottweberpdx said...

Love the pic of the sage with the grasses...lovely!

Layanee said...

The sage looks marvelous. Winter is back here with freezing rain. Oh well soon.

Patrick's Garden said...

Hey I too have never been a fall cleaner. Then I get too eager in the Spring and clean up too early just in time for another winter blast.

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