Tuesday, March 15

A (Rainy, Wet) March Bloom Day

March has been in like a rollercoaster this year, with warm sunny days contrasted with snow so wet that I felt like I was shoveling sand or gravel as I cleared off my driveway. Today, Mother Nature brought us more rain--but this of the miserably cold variety, since it's 36 degrees outside. The hellebores are always shy about showing their faces, but today they look especially cowed by the weather:

The messiest hellebore (above) is the one with the most opened blooms. Several others are showing lots of buds, and most (like this light green, one of my favorites) have a tidy burst of new foliage coming up with the buds in the midst of the clump:

In addition to the hellebores, there is a cute but tiny cluster of snowdrops blooming under the peach tree... but getting a photo of it would have meant exposing my camera to the rain. (As far as snowdrops go, these are rather unremarkable, so it would definitely not have been worth the cost to get their photo.) Indoors, the jewel orchid continues to bloom, but the bright amaryllis flowers are darkened and wilting.

All in all, this is a rather "blah" Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day here... so make your way over to Carol's and see what others have blooming in their gardens this month.  I hope to have something more inspiring to post in April!


growingagardenindavis said...

I'm late to the hellebore party as I just this year bought my first one. I like the white one a lot! I got a kick out of being able to visualize just where your snowdrops are...almost better than a photo would have been :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I always think of those snowdrops and hellebores the harbingers of spring. It won't be long now Kim. We have had some of the same weather. I am so looking forward to the next round of warmer sunnier days. Happy GBBD.

Layanee said...

But look at all those buds. No blah there. Love the foliage follow up also.

David said...

Hang in there...Spring is on the way and nothing can stop it!
Happy GBBD from David at Tropical Texana

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Blah, hellebores? Heresy!

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