Monday, April 4

Another Spring Surprise...

I discovered a wonderful surprise tonight in the kitchen! Check it out:

It's my unnamed, variegated hoya in bud! This is the same spot from which it bloomed the last time, and (luckily) I was warned not to clip it back or mess with it too much after the spent flowers dropped. The only reason that I really noticed it today was that I've been painting the kitchen white, so the dark cluster of buds seemed to pop off of the flower stem:

I'm not sure why all of these indoor plants have decided to show off lately.  Maybe they feel like it's been the longest. winter. ever. too?  In any case, I probably should actually look around at my plants a little bit more often, and see if any more pleasant surprises await.  They are certainly taking the edge off of a spring that seems loathe to be sprung here in Northeast Ohio!


Christine said...

I got such a vicarious thrill seeing your hoya buds! I have a variegated hoya that bloomed about 16 years ago and hasn't put out a thing since. I haven't a clue what to do to encourage it to bloom so if you have any pointers, I'm all ears. Very nice macro shots!

Stratoz said...

OK, I want to run off to my kitchen and visit my hoya. Great for you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is that time of year even if it is cold outside. Things are happening in the plant world. Isn't it fun to find this little beauty?

Unknown said...

Christine, all I learned about them (besides not to prune the flowering stem at all) is that they love to be potbound--ridiculously so--and they don't like to be fertilized. Any chance that helps? I hope so--good luck!

Stratoz, you should! And what is it with hoyas and kitchens? It seems like all of us keep ours there. :)

Greenbow Lisa, it definitely IS fun. It feels like it will be forever until I get to see my tulips and such bloom, so this will be a nice distraction for sure.

Stratoz said...

nothing blooming in my kitchen, but still hopeful.

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