Sunday, May 15

Blooms from the Front Porch: GBBD May

This may just be the most un-spring-like spring in all my years as a gardener. The temperatures have ventured past chilly into actual cold weather territory, and tomorrow we may not even reach 50 degrees. I don't remember a day without at least a threat of rain in weeks, and the winds today have been brutal to tulips (above) and gardeners alike.

Thankfully, bright tulips distract from dead oregano stems and countless other as-yet-undone spring chores that need attention. In another highlight, the drought-tolerant bergenia have apparently appreciated the extra winter/spring moisture, judging by their new growth and blooms:

The grass has already been mowed twice, but only because I felt as though I had to make time for that since the neighbors do. (And one of them walks this tiny dog, which I feared would get lost in my tall grass, twice a day!) Many annuals sit in several spots on the porch, waiting for a chance to be tucked into the garden:

A few plants have made it into the ground, and  I'm waiting to see whether I'm going to regret planting the 'Bandana Cherry' lantana and 'Gartenmeister Bonstedt' fuchsia in particular. If a plant is mobile, though, I'm not taking a chance with it this evening. All of the flats, any individual pots, and my just-planted hanging baskets are all coming into the house for a 36-hour vacation!

The photos above show you what's blooming around here today... at least, what I could shoot without leaving my front porch! The rest of my May GBBD Bloom list can be seen below, and many more blooming gardens can be seen by visiting Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

Also in Bloom:  lonicera sempervirens, 'Chocolate Chip' ajuga, 'Geranium' daffodils, passalong ornamental allium, 'Looking Glass' and 'Jack Frost' brunnera, 'Purple Dragon' and mom's passalong lamium, 'Ozark' strawberries, sweet woodruff and grape hyacinths.


Anonymous said...

lol about the tiny dog getting lost in the tall grass- I had to assure the neighbor kid who mows my lawn that I wanted it cut on the highest setting. He likes to be able to see a difference when he mows.

Gail said...

It has been a strange spring even for us in the Middle South~Down to 43 tonight~ Brrr. It has helped us keep some bloom a bit longer! Hoping you get a chance and cooperative weather to get your pretty annuals in the ground. gail

Libby said...

Your garden looks lovely :) Could you send some of your excess rain to Essex, UK please? We're in the middle of an unSpringlike Spring which is more like Summer! We haven't had any significant rain since February!

Stratoz said...

after a week of sun and 70's, we are moving into a week of rain and 70's. I think the plants are happy that they won't get squirted by a hose. Mowing grass does make for happy neighbors. I don't have any grass at this point.

Entangled said...

I recently heard about your horrible "spring" weather from somebody just down the road from you in Lorain. What to say, except to quote Henry Mitchell again "It's not nice to garden anywhere."

I see Pineapple Wizard Coleus and Purple Salvia waiting for planting out - hope you like them as much as I do. I didn't plant them this year - their space has been filled in by hostas and ferns - but I think there are volunteers of Pineapple Wizard coming up underneath them.

Congrats on the new job! Now you should have lots more time for gardening and blogging ;-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We have had the same weird weather Kim. I bet we have a long cool summer this year. All of my pool owning friends have been saying this already. It was 52Fhere yesterday and the neighbors pool man came and opened their pool Ha.. I wonder when they will be able to use it.

Your tulips look sad with their little heads bowing to the weather. You can't beat the color they bring to the garden though.

I am leaving my annuals out. They will think they are having a winter.

Lona said...

Isn't this weather such a bore when we have to take pictures with an umbrella and coat.LOL! I was so enjoying the warm days.Maybe after this week it will get better. Fingers crossed. Your garden beds are looking so pretty though. I love the variegated iris foliage.

Sissy said...

So cold for us tonite! I adore the little purple iris and I am sending you positive thoughts and best wishes for your new position! Hope all is going well!

scottweberpdx said...

Yikes for the rainy least it's giving the plants a good start for once summer hits!

Annie in Austin said...

My Chicagoland family is not happy with the chilly cold weather, either, Blackswamp Kim... and there are grumblings coming from Washington State, also cold and wet. But oh, how we could use your extra rain in parched Texas!
At least the weather is making the Pigsqueak perky!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

(wish there was a 'like' button on Entangled's comment)

joey said...

A memorable spring for sure, Kim, the worst April/May I can ever remember. But bergenia rules ... I love it! You always have a gift for focusing on gifts in the garden and why I so enjoy my visit.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Kim!
It appears we're both suffering from the 'non-spring' syndrome. (But, your front porch garden looks very pretty, just the same.) My house is crowded with seedlings hoping for an outdoor home real soon. Fingers crossed we both have a sunny weekend!

greggo said...

Bergenia. Tell me about your experiences with Bergenia as I am interested in using it. zone 6a here with hot summer wind and heat.

Shyrlene said...

Kim - it has been the most bizarre Spring ever; like the weather by you - it's been colder and rainier here as well. The weeds are huge...and it's been a real challenge to get new perennials in the ground.

I had to smile when I saw your previous post about "some plants don't need people". My husband found a potted hosta in our garage a few weeks ago - it was milk white from no light, no water, etc. Surprisingly, it has almost had a full recovery. (I felt SO awful when he found it!)

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