Saturday, June 11

My Neglected (but Beautiful) Front Yard

I knew that I've been a bad blogger lately--yes, even before a friend called me out on Facebook--and I'm a little embarrassed about the neglect my poor blog has endured.

And I know that getting back to blogging requires me to make it through the long process of writing that first post. Just like getting back to gardening requires me to take a few tours through the front yard to clean up things like overgrown groundcovers.

And maybe even move a few poor plants that are being overtaken by their thriving neighbors.

Starting this weekend, my garden center hours have been cut, so I'll have almost an entire day on Sunday to devote to the garden! And I'll have a very willing assistant--who probably deserves all of the credit for the fact that I already have my tomatoes planted, since he helped me out last weekend--so I ought to get a lot of these little garden jobs FINISHED!

And maybe... just maybe... I'll even manage to blog about it.  :)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is good to hear that you aren't ill. Of course your garden is beautiful even in its overgrown state. I always look forward to seeing the plant combinations in your garden. They are inspiring. Have a great weekend...and blog about it.;)

Stratoz said...

I have put more time and effort into my garden this year than I did all of last year. It seems happy. Hope the weather there is wonderful and you have a grand day in the garden

Lona said...

Your heuchera's are so pretty. I like that allium what is its name? Your front yard does look beautiful.

Unknown said...

Greenbow Lisa, I spoke too soon... the weather has been miserable today. I think it's only 61 degrees, and it has been raining on and off. Not sure how much gardening--or blogging-I'll be doing today after all. :(

Stratoz, glad to hear that. (Now, we need garden pictures to go with our jazz! Hint, hint.)

Thanks, Lona! The wet spring has helped the heucheras look good. That's allium schubertii, and it's actually done blooming in that photo. You can still see the awesome form, but you miss the color.

Stratoz said...

you asked, I expect a comment ;')

growingagardenindavis said...

Your garden is carrying on for the moment beautifully. I assumed you were busy with the new job :) I have no real excuse but have also fallen down on the blog posting. Just busy gardening I guess!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Stratoz! I can't wait to go check it out. :-D

Leslie, I am, a bit... but my new job offers REGULAR HOURS for the most part. (Yes, this is an all new concept for me, lol.) It's more the fact that I have a second job in the springtime at one of our local garden centers. So I'm thinking that by the end of July I might catch up... heehee.

Motormouth said...

Watch out for your salvia argentea! Snails love it! And, in the second see this great spike...if you leave it too long...they warn it might affect the plant...well i did, and my plant looks half dead...just a warning!

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