Sunday, November 18

Stragglers & Grasses: GBBD November 2012

Since we've finally had a couple of frosts here, the garden is mostly finished for the year.  All that I have blooming outside for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day are a few stragglers (an echinops seedling, 'Red Rocks' penstemon, and a few stalks of 'Acapulco' agastache):

Some grasses, like this miscanthus:

And a couple of lamium, like this patch of 'Purple Dragon':

Inside, the 'Blue Daze' convolvulus in a container of 'Bengal Tiger' bougainvillea decided to throw out another flush of blooms:

And one Thanksgiving cactus has decided not to wait for the holiday to put on a show:

I doubt that I will find any blooms inside in December, so this is probably it for the outside garden this season.  To find out what's blooming around the world this month, check out Carol's November Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post!


Anonymous said...

Love seeing your outdoor plants. Interesting color combinations.

Unknown said...

Thanks, dkzody! It was nice to see a little interest and color in the garden this month... in just a few weeks, everything will probably be changed over to "winter brown and gray" instead! :-)

Annie in Austin said...

Your garden still has a lot of color for late November, Blackswamp Kim... and even more texture.
But your houseplant invasion looks pretty serious. I'll be in the same situation soon but with no basement they'll be shivering in the garage.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Northern Shade said...

Your Miscanthus shows off well against the red leaves in the background, nice colour and texture contrast. The Lamium is a real trooper to still be bloomiing. I just planted some 'Orchid Frost' and 'White Nancy' this year. Although I mainly planted them for the leaves, it would be nice if the flowers lasted into the late fall.

sensiblegardening said...

The grasses are pretty hard to beat when this time of year rolls around.

Stratoz said...

Love love love that first photo. The maintenance dept cut down my ornamental grasses ;'(

Patrick said...

Your jab maple and the grass are Flickr material. Few blooms but much texture in this post.

growingagardenindavis said...

I wish my Thanksgiving cactus had waited just a bit to bloom...maybe I need a real Christmas cactus!

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