Wednesday, October 16

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - October 2013

Most of what's blooming around here in October... was also blooming in September! I don't think that I got a good picture of my ivy geranium last month, so I decided to lead off with it this GBBD:

It's been blooming off and on all summer, in spite of my neglect and lack of feeding. The silvery foliage behind it is helichrysum (aka licorice vine) and they're both planted beneath a tree yucca of some kind. All too soon, I'm going to have to figure out what to do with all of them for the winter.

But for now, I'm enjoying the bright pop of color provided by the last of the honeysuckle vines against the blazingly blue fall skies:

The berries (above) are definitely something new.  The vine is covered with them, and it's kind of fun to see the berries and flowers coexisting.  Since the pyracantha (aka Firethorn) blooms just once in the springtime, there's no chance to see blooms and berries together on it.  But the berries come in so thickly that there wouldn't be much room for the flowers anyway:

Their orange color reminds me that my blue-pot cannas are both still going strong.  Here are a couple of nicely backlit (in the early morning light) shots of the orange one, blazing above silvery-blue 'Berggarten' sage:

Last but not least, the waxy bloom cluster of a hoya.  It started blooming outside and had to finish up its show indoors:

Pretty soon, indoor blooms are the only ones I'll get to see.  But in the meantime, I'm enjoying the last blast of fall!

For more of what's in bloom around the world, check out Carol's October Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post.


Kris Peterson said...

I got a Hoya bloom too! The plant has been in a pot for years doing nothing. I moved it a few feet and suddenly it's blooming - maybe it's just the time of year since yours bloomed this October too. Happy GBBD!

Unknown said...

Kris, I think it must be the year for miraculous fall hoya blooming... because I finally gave in and repotted mine this spring, so I thought it would be YEARS until I got to see the blooms again! :-D

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy GBBD. Not much blooming here now. I have many little spits and spurts of flowers but nothing that would make your heart sing. Mainly everything is readying itself for winter. It won't be long now. Frost and even snow flurries are predicted for next week. We will see what happens.

Unknown said...

Happy GBBD day to you, too, Greenbow Lisa! I'm not sure that any of my blooms (except maybe the hoya) make my heart sing. They're all kind of bittersweet, since I know that this is the end of the season. :-)

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