Thursday, July 27

Dragonfly Sleepover

This delicate-looking creature decided to sleep over last night, attached to one of my leaded glass windows. According to my boyfriend, he left when the morning rain ended around noon.
Hard to get a good picture of him from the inside of the glass, but I thought he looked cool. :)


David (Snappy) said...

Great picture.He must have been tired.I guess dragonflys sleep zzz, it must use up lots of energy the crazy wing flight spinning.They look magic in motion though.The UK ones i saw were smaller but colours of red and blue.I remember going to a small lake and seeing them darting around, and in Cheltenhams tiny stream the river Chelt..

Petunia's Gardener said...

Now thats a way to photograph them! Otherwise they don't hold still long enough. Thanks for sharing!

Sandy said...

Cool shot!

Unknown said...

Snappy, how appropriate that your dragonflies are the colors of the British flag. :) Ours around here are mostly black, but occasionally some have a metallic blue look to them.

Thanks Sandy and PG... PG, you're right--they just don't hold still long enough when they're not "asleep"!

Annie in Austin said...

We sometimes get red ones - their favorite place to rest is on the top curve of a shepherd hook. I couldn't take a photo like yours - it's very cool.

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