Wednesday, July 19

Garden Snapshots 7/19

Breakfast... enjoyed shortly after this picture was taken. :)

In the cool morning light: hollyhock, cabbage, baptisia australis

Snake plant... so happy to spend its summer outdoors that it's trying to bloom

In the warm morning light: peppermint, amaranthus 'Hopi Red Dye,' miscanthus zebrinus, bronze fennel


meresy_g said...

Don't you just love amaranth? I have two "love lies bleeding', a kind of droopy dark pink amaranth. Such an interesting plant. I loved your color post too. It's sort of like evolving. I think you're getting comfortable in your own skin. I went through the same type of transformation at your age. It's funny to look back and see how much time I used to spend worrying what other people would think.

David (Snappy) said...

I want some Amarinth now,it looks great.I showed Sallyanne the snake plant as my pot bound one has the flowers too.buds anyway, Thousands of miles from Ohio to Yorkshire.Nice strawberries yum yum.

~~ Melissa said...

I love the red in the bottom picture.

Is this your first crop of strawberries for the season? I'm wondering how it works. I get mine in June and that's it for the year. I'm wondering if there's another variety I can find that produces fruit later....

Unknown said...

meresy_g, I really do hope that I am becoming comfortable in my own skin... seems like it shouldn't be such a process somehow, though, you know? :) I planted the green version of LLB myself, but am not about to show those--they're all about 4in. tall yet, and were started at the same time!

Snappy, yours has flower buds, too? I wonder if mine is pot bound, then... I'll have to check. Have never had flowers on that before.

Melissa, these are a kind of everbearing strawberry. I don't get nearly as much at a time as you get with Junebearers, but I get a few strawberries here and there throughout the season. Maybe a dozen or so small ones at a time, but since it's just me indulging in them, that's fine. I probably should plant some June bearers, though, for jam.

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