Friday, August 11

Evening Pictures

I love taking pictures in the evening, when the warm light makes everything glow without washing out colors. It adds a richness that makes even my questionable photography look good.

Hakonechloa macra "aureola" with the fernlike leaf of centaurea dealbata.
(I swear I'm getting rid of that centaurea someday soon. Really. But I'll save my failure at editing for another post.)

Verbena bonariensis in front of my sunflowers. Thanks to Karen's astute observation that my sunflowers had different colored stems, along with the progression of a few of the earlier flowers, I can now I.D. them. The darker red ones with the dark stems are my 'Cinnamon Sun' and the ones with green stems and flowers fading to orange are 'Cappucino' sunflowers.

I wasn't going to do sunflowers again next year, but I can't resist the birds and bees along with those big, dark red flowers. So I think I'll try to winter sow some 'Chocolate Cherry' which will come from the same company who packaged the 'Cinnamon Sun' I planted this spring. And as long as I keep it to one variety at a time, I'll know what I'm showing on my blog!


Karen said...

Evening and morning light both add a magical glow to the garden.

Your verbena and sunflowers look very pretty together. ;-)

I am definitely planting red sunflowers next year!

Sigruns German Garden said...

Eveing photos are the best.


Carol Michel said...

I like your picture.
Be careful with those verbena. I had some that self sowed themselves everywhere and I didn't exactly want them everywhere. Luckily the seedlings (and plants) are easy to pull out.

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