Friday, August 25

A Garden Bouquet...

... for you, Mom. Why? Because your son is flying to Japan tomorrow, and if I know you at all you're probably needlessly worrying already. Because you definitely seemed to want to see something "prettier" than my slug post. Because I love you.

The red amaranth and the hosta leaves are scentless, but the bronze fennel, culinary sage, and golden sage are all quite fragrant.

It's not as top-heavy as it appears in this picture, either. I couldn't get a good picture of it in the dining room so I set it on the driveway in the fading rays of the sunset, in front of the silver artemisia. Not the best background to set off the arrangement, but I was more worried about the light.

I hope you can enjoy it even though you're 180 miles away! Maybe next summer you can make it up here to gather your own bouquet... :)


Sigruns German Garden said...

The red amaranthus is one of my favorite plants. They grow wild in my garden, selfseeding around my compost.


Sigruns German Garden said...

I have answered your question at the blog. The stones are sandstone ore brownstone!


Unknown said...

I hope that mine self-seed next year, too, Sigrun! :) I also hope that Mr. Wonderful gets your grass mowed and that you have time to spend in the garden this weekend.

Anonymous said...

So, did your Mom get to see it?

Unknown said...

I couldn't wait to find out, Janet, so I called her to ask on Sunday! She was touched, and I had guessed right--she was a little worried about my brother. :) I'm guessing that she probably checked it out that night, because she was interested in what the amaranth looked like.

By the way, that same bouquet still looks really good--no wilting yet!

(Mom does read the comments, but I'm guessing that she doesn't even want to know how to set up an account so she can post comments of her own, given that she refuses to get an email account! lol.)

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