Wednesday, September 27

September Blooms

I went out into the garden today to see if anything was still blooming... and was pleasantly surprised to find quite a bit of color. I didn't take pictures of everything, because I was rapidly losing sunlight, but I did get a few to post: 'Old Spice' dianthus allwoodii, amaranthus caudatus viridis, pineapple sage, verbena bonariensis (backed by hollyhock and artemisia foliage, and Coco feet), an unknown variety of anemone, garlic chives about to bloom in front of 'Dragon's Blood' sedum, and toad lilies.

Also blooming in my garden but not pictured are: 'Hillside Black Beauty' cimicifuga/actaea (what a knockout scent!), 'Vodka' wax begonias, 'Paprika' achillea, 'Copper Sunset' nasturtiums, the calendula that I so ruthlessly cut to the ground in late August, borage, 'Matrona' and variegated tall sedums, 'Carmine' gomphrena, and 'White Swan' echinacea purpurea.

Oh, and I have some lovely grass "inflourescences" as well, from 'Sioux Blue' sorghastrum nutens, 'The Blues' little bluestem, miscanthus sinensis strictus, and 'Hameln' pennisetum.

There is definitely beauty to be had in the garden in late September. It's just becoming a different beauty as winter nears. Summer's vivid, flamboyant color is bookended by the fresh, clean colors of spring and the quiet beauty of fall blooms...


lisa said...

LOVE the dianthus! Is it fragrant? Personally, I just can't get enough of these a nice white one this spring that re-blooms like crazy without deadheading, but if needed, scissors sure make easy work of it.

Annie in Austin said...

Your combinations look really good, Kim - too bad we can't get the scents online, too. Will your Pineapple Sage overwinter in Ohio or do you replant each year? I used to grow it as an annual in Illinois, but it blooms so late that in some years the plant would freeze before reaching full glory. It sort of feels like cheating to have it be perennial in TX.


Unknown said...

lisa, it's supposed to be fragrant (even though the allwoodii's are supposed to mostly have the scent hybridized out of them) but the scent is pretty faint. It's also supposed to be salmon but it may be a little too pink for my taste... I'll give it another year. :)

Annie, it won't overwinter for me and I know what you mean about losing some of the flowering due to early cold. Last summer was hotter and I had one that was just covered with flowers from September 1st on, while these just started giving me a few flowers on each plant. I keep thinking about trying to overwinter cuttings, but can't figure out if that's worthwhile when they're $.99 herbs, you know?

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