Saturday, December 16

December Blooms!

I was puttering around in the yard today, taking pictures to chronicle winter interest when I found... flowers! This is lamium "Anne Greenaway," and the brown leaves that you see tucked among it are from the neighbor's beech tree.

I know that lamiums have a tendency to spread, but that's perfect for this area--they can fill in space all around the 'Hillside Black Beauty' cimicifuga/actaea, 'Othello' ligularia, red lobelia, and scaly buckler ferns.

And hey, if they're going to flower up until mid-December.... I can't really argue with that!

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meresy_g said...

Weird, huh? I have a couple of things blooming now and there are dandelions in the lawn? But I'm not complaining. While I am trying to not add to what is causing global warming and voting for people who believe it is happening, if I gone from a Zone 6 to say a 7b or 8? Not a problem with me at all. Better start reading about camellias.

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