Wednesday, January 24

New Garden Blog Directory

Leave it to Stuart down at Gardening Tips 'N Ideas to create a great new gardening blog directory. As if the clickable map that allows you to find garden blogs by geographic area isn't enough fun, he's built a garden blog search engine, too.

I did a test search for "salvia" and was rewarded with pages of results. All came not from random webpages or plant retailers, but from the posts within the blogs that make up the directory. How cool is that? You can pick the brains of your fellow garden bloggers without having to interrupt their winter catalog dreaming or spring planting.

The only thing that I can think of that would immediately improve this directory is the addition of more webpages. So if you're a garden blogger and you're reading this, click on over and get yourself added!

One shortcut to this for U.S. bloggers: Stuart will ask for your latitude and longitude in order to properly place your little dot on the map. I found a free address verification page that will give you those coordinates once you type in your street address. For the record, I garden at 41.4727 Degrees North, 81.7919 Degrees West.


Kylee Baumle said...

Thanks for posting this, Kim! I read your message on my blog, and responded there. I think you can e-mail me directly from my blog, so please do so! :-)

A fellow Black Swamp Girl,


Annie in Austin said...

The map is going to be fun, isn't it?
I wonder how the coordinates work - I used Google Earth, and those numbers have you living in the middle of Lake Erie!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Unknown said...

Kylee, I tried to figure out how to do that but didn't see an "Email Me" link somewhere... I'll figure out something, though! :)

Annie, how weird that the coordinates didn't translate correctly on google earth. Stuart's got me in just the right place on his map via those coordinates. I'll have to do some investigating!

Anita said...

Hey, a gardening blog directory sounds great but I am afraid, I won't find any fellow gardening bloggers in my area (North of Germany). But anyway, I will pass by and check his site, thanks for your recommandation!

Sigrun said...

I have changed the blog after the trouble with beta.


Kristen said...

Hmmm. I could not get the map to work. (It said URL not found.)

Kristin Ohlson said...

I love this! And even though it seems as if it will snow forever today, I'm starting to think so fondly of spring.

Annie in Austin said...

Kim, I wanted to comment on the Plant Delights/Tony Avent post, but a message came up on it that comments were closed by a blog administrator. So this is a comment on the other post!

Well, anyway, I've loved those catalogs for years, and have seen photos of Tony A., but the other day he was on Martha Stewart in person, which was fun and he has a nice voice. I wish I could spend a grand on his plants, too!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Jane M. said...

Hi. I've met Tony. I actually got to spend an afternoon with him. He is one of the most ambitious people I have ever met in my life. Just being around him is exhausting. I asked him how he does it, and he said something about how he figured out early on that the day divides up into 3 8 hour chunks, and that traditionally people only work one of those chunks, but that there are two more available! I asked him, then, to elaborate, and he declined. So. Either he never sleeps, or he only sleeps and works and never does anything else. Quite an energetic dude. A fascinating person and one hell of a plantsman.

Kathy said...

Kristen, the link should end in php, not html:

Unknown said...

Kristen and Kathy, the link has now been fixed. I copied and pasted directly from the web browser and it worked when I first posted it... so I'm not sure what was going on there.

K-Oh, me too--although we're now getting quite a bit of non-springlike weather here in Cleveland, aren't we?

Jane M, thanks for posting that comment... I admit that I have often wondered what Tony is like in "real life!" I wish that I had half of that kind of energy...

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