Wednesday, March 14

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - March

What a difference a month makes! The snow is gone, the birds are singing, and I finally have something to contribute to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

I admit, the first picture has nothing to do with blooms OR buds, but I adore these little rosettes that appear on the ends of the fleshy stems of 'Voodoo' and 'Fuldaglut' sedums. They look like tiny flowers--and it's March, so we get to take some creative license with Bloom Day here in Zone 6, right?

It's raining so heavily here that I couldn't get good new pictures. So here's an updated picture of the same old white hellebore that keeps making me smile, along with today's lists.

In Bloom:
'Pine Knot Strain' hellebore, white
unnamed white crocus with purple throat
common yellow orchid (indoors)
'Vodka' wax begonia (indoors--overwintered)

In Bud:
'Pine Knot Strain hellebores, dark pink
unnamed purple crocus
'Anne Greenaway' lamium (admittedly, these could be frozen buds from January that will never bloom)
'Bing,' 'Northstar,' and one other cherry tree
unnamed pink rhododendron


Rurality said...

I like sedum and hellbore a lot. If and when I ever make an actual garden I'm going to include them. (So far I'm just making do with the wildflowers in our woods!)

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

That's quite a list there you've got already. The hellebore looks lovely but then I'm very fond of them. The sedum is pretty too.

Have you seen what's in bloom today on my blog?

BTW I like your gardening shoes, do you like mine?

Unknown said...

Rurality, you have so much going on in that woods of yours (animal AND vegetable!) that you don't need to plant a whole lot anyway. *grin* I just had grass here... boring.

yolanda elizabet, I made a note on Carol's blog that I thought your gardening shoes were cute! I just checked out your bloom list, and yours definitely puts mine to shame. I hope my hellebores get nice and big like yours someday, though. :)

Entangled said...

I love the emerging sedum shoots too. I have a pink/white/green variegated one that I thought was lost (stomped on too many times by the carpenter), but it's coming back now.

Carol Michel said...

I love the hellebores, yours are just a big further along than mine!

Annie in Austin said...

Hellebores aren't happy in Austin, which is too bad, because I think they're wonderful. Bet yours get better and better each spring, Kim.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Christa said...

I think the rosettes on your sedum look like flowers too, so... fair game! I had to get a little creative with my post, too, since all I've got right now are... weed flowers. Beautiful hellebore you have there.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could grow Lenten roses in my garden, but as Annie pointed out, they don't do well in Austin. I'll just have to enjoy them on your blog.

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