Thursday, April 7

A Voice in the Crowd

Maybe I'm crazy, but sometimes a certain plant looks as though it's trying to talk to me. It stands up tall in the midst of the crowd, stares me down, and then finally calls out, "Hey! Can I get some attention over here?"

A few of its neighbors shake their heads and look away at its boldness...

...but the plant remains insistent.  "Seriously, lady. What kind of a garden are you running here? Don't you see all of those poor tulips? They're reaching upwards, but those dead fall leaves are pulling them down and strangling them like so many drowning men."

"And those grasses," it continues disdainfully,"Those grasses are a complete disgrace. How can they even see with all of those dry blades falling down in their eyes? How long does it take to give them each a quick haircut so they look like something?"

"And look at all of my buds who are waiting her with me. We would all like to show off a little bit now that spring is finally here, but nobody notices us because you let all of last year's leaves loiter and junk up the place!"

It rolls its eye and puts one leaf to its stem in exasperation.  "Next thing you know, you're going to just stop watering us altogether..."

Hmm... now THERE'S an interesting thought!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your berginia looks so healthy. Mine succumbed to the drought last year even though I watered. WHINE.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

And I thought I was the only one to anthropomorphize plants. :^) You'll get around to clearing that out someday, I'm sure. Especially if the plants continue to nag you.

Layanee said...

Oh, yes they do scream to get attention. If they were summer bloomers would we love them as well?

Shyrlene said...

Your post just cracked me up, and reminded me that my plants are not too happy w/ me either! After reading your post, I felt compelled to walk around my gardens and clean up. (Wow, there was a lot...)

Gail said...

They do like to chatter at us!

Colleen said...

Ha! I have a feeling that the rest of my garden is embarrassed by the grasses right about now, too. They are definitely looking tired and messy. I'll have to get out there and give them a haircut this week :-)

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