Monday, June 26

My Current Favorite Annual: Atriplex Hortensis

a.k.a. Ruby Orach Mountain Spinach

What's not to love? Puckery, thick leaves in various shades of reddish purple with a silvery sheen. Darker red veins. Looks as good in my front yard garden with miscanthus, little bluestem, sedum "Matrona," calendula and achillea "Paprika" as it does in my backyard with this unknown variety of hosta, hydrangea and "Jade" sunflowers.

Oh, and it's edible, too--smaller leaves can be used fresh in salads or cooked to green goodness in a saute. It throws up red flowerstalks as it bolts, and yes it has a reputation for being a prolific self-sower. (Hey, nobody's perfect.) I plan to harvest some seeds and cut the rest of the stalks down as they bloom to keep it in control.


Angelina's Corner said...

I like that picture :) Oh, I wish to have my own garden too..

Karen said...

Mmm, sounds good.

David (Snappy) said...

sounds delicious, have to tell us how it tastes, and how you prepared it too.

Unknown said...

Snappy, it's... well, fresh it's a little pungent. Not so different from regular spinach, though, I suppose! I have a ton of swiss chard going right now, so once I eat my way through that and get to the spinach I'll let you all know. :)

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