Friday, August 18

Green with (Water) Garden Envy

Some day, I'll create a wonderful water feature... but not in my current yard and garden. I know that there are small water features you can build, but I would want something large enough to support beautiful water plants and a whole mess of koi.
Since that's not going to happen in my teeny tiny lot, I opt to forego water features in lieu of lush plantings and lots of edibles. In the meantime, pictures from Uncle D and Aunt B's pond will feed my envy--er, allow me to enjoy a water garden without actually having one.
The above is their first lotus blossom of the year. If I hadn't seen the bud on it during my last visit, I would wonder if D grabbed a stock photo to email over in an effort to put one over on me. It just looks too perfect... but I guess that's what the lotus is all about, right?
Good thing I look good in green.


Karen said...

I agree, it looks too perfect to be real.

Unknown said...

I said much the same in my email back to my uncle! He said that Aunt B waded into the water to get the picture... and that it wasn't quite their first lotus bloom but it's the first one that they were able to catch fully open for pictures.

David (Snappy) said...

Wanderful shot.I dream of a pond with water lillys and frogs in it, but it will have to remain a dream untill we get a new house with a bigger garden...

Sigruns German Garden said...

I also have no pond, but I do not want one. Some friends always want make me one, but now I have a little grandchild. Not in the moment.


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