Tuesday, June 14

Plant Crush: Silver Sage (Salvia Argentea)

Last night, I started to make good on my promise to clean out overly aggressive groundcovers (yes, that would be YOU, golden marjoram!) and found a flagstone that I had forgotten... and enough space to plant two of my newly acquired silver sages:

I have long had a plant crush on silver sage. What's not to like?  It has amazing color, large leaves covered with white fuzzy texture... it's just an amazing accent plant.

I've found it only once before, in small, sickly pots in the herb section of a random garden center.  I took a chance on it anyway, but the plants never did recover.  These 4" pots that we got in at "my" garden center last week are much healthier from the get-go, so I'm hopeful that they will take this time.

More photos to follow, as these guys settle in--and as I distribute the better behaved 'Chubby Fingers' sedum around them. (And figure out where #3 will live!)


Lona said...

How pretty that Silver Sage is. I love those wooly leaves. They do brighten up a garden bed.

Joseph said...

I LOVE Salvia argentea. It is often listed as a biennial, dying after it flowers the second year, but I've found that if I pinch off the flower spikes before they develop, the plant will be reliably perennial.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those huge fuzzy leaves are so attractive. I don't think I have seen them around here. Lucky you to get these then to find a space for them.

Unknown said...

Lona and Lisa, I SO love these leaves. And yes, I'm lucky to have found them!

Joseph, I had heard that about the flower stalks, but am very glad to hear from someone with some experience growing this plant. How large does it get up there in Michigan? (I would expect it to achieve about the same size here, so that's why I'm asking. I know I probably need to give it more space...)

Stratoz said...

cool plant, glad you found a home for it. stop by to check out some scenes from the back garden. Can I go back to jazz now? ;')

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

Silver sage is neat. I've never seen it.

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