Monday, June 13


Don't tell 'Red Rocks' penstemon that it isn't reliably hardy here. 

It doesn't seem to know that I have heard from many, many people who have trouble getting it to overwinter.

For some strange reason, it's not even scared of the intimidating sea kale that you see peering over its shoulders in the photo above.

I know it's listening... so you just keep this little secret between us, okay?

Thanks to Steve for taking these charming photos of 'Red Rocks' while I got ready to leave for Game of Thrones last night!

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

Obviously you have just the right conditions. Of course any plant in their right mind would grow in your garden because you know how to situate it to its best advantage. I promise not to tell it that it is in a zone a bit too cool for it. What a pretty plant. It looks a lot like the penstemon x that gail gave me a start of.

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