Thursday, June 28

Of All The Things I'll Lose When I Move...

... I just might miss the front yard garden the most. I have a quiet but deep appreciation for its ease.  For its undemanding nature.  

For the way it greets me with waves of grasses and sea kale when I pull up next to it after work.

For the way it catches the light and extends the beauty of the evening in exquisite jewel tones.

I don't like playing favorites, but this is really the one part of the garden that I plan to somewhat recreate--or at least keep in mind--when we move.

If you were moving away from your garden, which part would you miss the most?


growingagardenindavis said...

It really is wonderfully beautiful and has grown to be something no mail carrier would ever dare walk through :) I hope you get to make the perfect replacement soon...maybe not a copy but something that gives you that same feeling.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can see why you will want to recreate this lovely part of your garden when you move. It is beautiful with all the different textures.

My favorite part of the garden is my back garden. I like the paths and different plants here and there. It has a lot of shade so I have a time getting things to grow like I want them to. Such is the challenge.

R. said...

I love the lushness of your front garden. I can see why you would want to recreate it.

I'm not sure I could ever move into a house that wasn't a "blank slate" in terms of landscaping anymore. After experiencing how much fun it is to do exactly what you want, it would be hard to not start from scratch!

Unknown said...

Leslie, you made me laugh out loud--literally! Funny that you remember that... and, yes, I believe that the mail carriers are quite daunted by the front yard now. :-D (The little girls next door are not... but that's cute, somehow, instead of annoying.)

Greenbow Lisa, I love the pictures of your back garden that you show on the blog--I can totally see why it's your favorite! (Luna's too, I think--for the shade. :-)

R., that's a GREAT point. I think I need to start thinking of my new place (wherever it might be) as a blank slate. That excitement will definitely help me get over missing my current garden!

Stratoz said...

My front yard for the same reasons. I often wonder if my front yard is best, out of respect and kindness for those who take walks here or fear that I will be mocked if I don't keep it well cared for.

chuck b. said...

I know you like the front garden the most because it's the one you most often blog about! :)

We're not planning to move anytime soon, but we think about it a lot. What I would miss about my garden the most if we moved soon would be the hard-won sense of establishment that took years to attain.

I would NOT miss the chaos and over-plantedness that I caused the garden to have by aggressively planting it up impatient for that sense of establishment to arrive. The next garden will be better designed.

I love the way the light falls on your front garden in these pictures.

Gail said...

I love your front entrance garden, your plant combinations~ color, texture and movement are lovely. I want a garden that had both shade and sun for my favorite wildflowers~Oh, and very good soil that is not shallow!

Pam/Digging said...

I didn't know you are moving, Kim. I'll miss seeing your lovely garden, but I'm sure you'll create another one at your next home. Have fun doing it!

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