Monday, June 18

Spiky and Purple Foliage Follow Up - June 2012

It's a spikey, purple foliage follow up this month in my garden!  First up:  Why should the "ornamental" gardens have all the fun?  Here's a pretty cordyline that's snuggling up to my 'Canby' raspberries in the backyard:

It was simply labeled "Tropical Foliage" and was being sold for an obscenely low amount at Home Depot... and jumped into my cart when I went to buy paint. I know, I know.  I really do try to support my local independent garden centers, but... sometimes you have to rescue cool plants at the big box stores, too.

'Sparkling Burgundy' eucomis is similarly spiky, purple and tropical-looking.  Here it picks up the warm tones of carex buchannii and 'Purple Knockout' salvia lyrata, and echoes the form of the dwarf iris at its feet, while contrasting nicely with the fine textured ponytail grass and chunky oakleaf hydrangea:

My front yard is at a bit of an angle, which is kind of fun because it adds another dimension. From some angles--like this one--you don't even see the green foliage of the foxgloves, sedums and bergenia that break up this swath of purple:

It looks like a lot of purple, but it actually looks really nice against my house--which is beige, and surrounded by cement driveways that add to the boring. From top to bottom, we're seeing purple from my Japanese maple, 'Diablo' purple ninebark, an unnamed heuchera, and 'Albury Purple' St. John's wort.

For more awesome foliage--in all colors and forms--check out Pam's Foliage Follow-Up post, here.  (And be sure to check out all the links!)


Pam/Digging said...

I love all your purple goodness. It contrasts so nicely with the dominant greens of a garden.

Good question about where 'Angelina' sedum thrives. Probably in California.

Alison said...

Gorgeous purple foliage! I especially love that Sparkling Burgundy Eucomis, yours looks so big and healthy. I have a lot of the same purple plants as you, maybe next month I'll show my own in my FF post.

Desert Dweller said...

Wow! Nice purple and reddish foliage, and everything's so lush...a treat to this lover of purples and blues. A good deal of my family is from not too far away in SW NY.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your red foliage is a good contrast to the greens, greys and beiges of your garden. I am always impressed by your plant combinations. Your garden is so lively. I wish I could see it in person.

Linda/patchwork said...

I like all that purple. It's a nice contrast to the silvers and greens.

I rescue plants from big box stores, too. Anywhere some plant jumps into my cart, seems ok to me.

I think your 'Tropical Foliage' is Cordyline.

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