Sunday, June 17

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - June 2012

I have to admit, I'm late for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day more often than I'm on time. Usually, I have good intentions, and start planning to try to fit in a GBBD post around the 10th... but miss the deadline anyway.  This month?  I just flat out missed the date!  I literally looked at my cell phone this morning and then said out loud:  "Oh my gosh, it's the SEVENTEENTH! I totally missed Garden Bloggers Bloom Day--AND the Foliage Follow-Up!"

At least the plants are blooming right on cue.  Well, the oakleaf hydrangea might be a tad bit early, but the ponytail grass and the salvia lyrata are pretty much on time, anyway.  And the presence of as-yet-unplanted flats of summer annuals confirms (sadly) that it's still mid-June at my house:

'Bonfire' begonia is nearing the end of its first flush of blooms on the north side of the front porch:

While bright red snapdragons are just starting to bloom in the backyard.

Drumstick alliums are just getting started now, too, but it's odd to see the lighter purple of verbena bonariensis already in bloom behind them:

I feel like the verbena usually doesn't start putting on a show until later--at least July--in a normal year. And it's odd to have a June Bloom Day without the appearance of my 'Zweiweltenkind' goatsbeard, which started blooming in earnest right after the May edition and it browned and done right now.  So I guess that the legacy of our mild winter lives on through June!

Also blooming in my yard right now:

'Summerwine' yarrow, 'Chubby Fingers' sedum album, various red sedum, 'Purple Dragon' lamium, 'Caradonna' salvia, (the last of the) sea kale, a few hosta, lonicera sempervirens, clematis jackmanii, culinary onions, 'Sweet Kate' spiderwort, 'Black Beauty' and 'Black Lace' elders (because I cut them back so late in the spring), 'Grosso' lavender, horehound, Meyer lemon, 'Blue Daze' evolvulus.

For more of what's in bloom all around the world, visit Carol's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day roundup, here.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have plenty blooming this June. It is interesting to see how the mild winter has affected the garden blooms. Everything seems to be on schedule with many a bit ahead. The drought here is shortening the bloom times of most things. I have commenced to watering. The sprinkler has run for two days straight. I won't look forward to that water bill. Happy GBBD.

Unknown said...

We're in a drought here, too... although the rains yesterday and today might have helped to freshen up a few of the plants, some. Hope that you got a little bit there, too, to ease that water bill!!!

Stratoz said...

I could see an oak leaf hydrangea in my future. Do you find snapdragons as a difficult flower to photograph?

scottweberpdx said...

We have verbena bonariensis blooming now too...which seems so early for us, as well...the weather this year really has done a number on the plants. I love your pairing of the Ponytail Grass and salvia beautiful together!

Lea said...

Beautiful blooms!
Better late than never, I say.
Happy Bloom Day!
Lea's Menagerie

growingagardenindavis said...

I'm glad you posted, even if late. It will be nice to have this record when you move!

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