Friday, June 1

A Very Cherry End to May

To cap off an oddly long, warm spring--which followed The Winter That Never Was--I got to enjoy my first few of these guys on the very last day of May:

They were delicious, but I feel a little bit odd about enjoying cherries already at the beginning of what is traditionally strawberry season!

An oddity that I don't feel at all ambivalent about is this bloom on my Japanese bloodgrass:

Mine has never flowered before, but I know that bloodgrass is reported to be slightly invasive/aggressive in areas where it regularly flowers. So I cut off those white tufts as soon as I was sure I had gotten a good photo.

These blooms made up the third garden oddity this week:

At first, I didn't notice anything amiss here. My tree peony, 'Chojuraku', blooms pink and the buds looked pretty normal, if a bit small. But once they opened and I saw both the color and the petal structure of the blooms, I knew something was not quite right. So I followed the stems down to the ground:

Yup... suckers from the rootstock! I dug into the ground a little bit and pruned them back... but will have to remind myself in a few weeks to check again and make sure I'm not seeing any resprouting.

Definitely an interesting ending to May.  Wonder what June has in store?!


greggo said...

The sprouts look pretty good

growingagardenindavis said...

And the cherry looks even better...yum!

Andrew said...

The Bloodgrass, is that Imperata?
I have never known it to produce seed when I have planted it.
Might be an idea to sow some seed and see what you get - A bloodier grass, maybe.

Annie in Austin said...

In addition to trying for a Bloodier Blood Grass, I'd be so tempted to pry off part of the root & get another peony... with luck not killing the 'real' peony.

Sure hope there will be more than 1 cherry, Blackswamp Girl!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Gail said...

It has been an odd several months weather wise...Not sure what to expect this summer. I do like the peony bloom and wonder if Annie might be on to something! gail

Unknown said...

Ah... between the missed chance to make a bloodier bloodgrass, and a simple but sweet peony, I'm having a rueful start to June after my cheery end to May! *grin* You guys are all funny!

(But, yeah... I wish I had thought of those things myself!)

Angela said...

That cherry looks really good! Nice pictures.

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